Individual preferences lead to diverse perceptions of what constitutes off-putting or annoying behavior, encompassing personality traits, physical attributes, and even communication patterns.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What’s something that someone can do that makes you instantly hate them?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“Pranking someone in a way that deeply upsets them, and then laughing on their face”, said one user.

“A friend of mine dumped a bucket of urine on his girlfriend as she walked in the door, then another friend threw a bucket of flour all over her, while someone else filmed it.

All three were laughing like hyenas in the video. I don’t think I need to say that they broke up soon after.”, said another user.


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“Coworkers that don’t clean up after themselves, leaving their personal crap for others to pick up.”, said one user.

“This drives me crazy at my workplace. The break room is always a mess. People leave their things in the good spots and make it seem like they’re saving the spot and then just don’t come back.

Leaving the tables dirty and sticky after they’re done eating. Never pushing their chairs in.”, said another user.


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“Accusing me of something that I didn’t do. makes me instantly hate them.”, said one user.


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“When they’re lying, and I know that they’re lying, and they know that I know that they’re lying, but they continue the lie.”, said one user.


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“When someone belittles someone for being excited over something or having a hobby. If someone says for example that they love to crochet and they’re excited to spend their day off making a new hat and someone makes fun of them they can laughed at.

No one should be made to feel bad for finding enjoyment in something harmless.”, said one user.


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“If someone truly loves something like video games, a film genre, a sport or some other kind of interest/passion etc., and a person goes ‘that’s a bit childish’ or ‘that is so boring’ after they’ve explained why they love it, that to me is just mean and instantly turns me off.”, said one user. 


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“Talking down to you when you disagree with them.”, said one user.


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“My mom saw some kids destroy a goose’s nest with her eggs in it. The goose tried to intimidate them and run them off, but one would play defense and try to kick her when she got close.

My mom shooed them away from the nest, but the eggs were all broken. Mom said the goose stood over the eggs and cried. I absolutely hated them for doing this.”, said one user.


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“When someone is wrong about something but does not admit it. They’d rather talk in circles around you than just apologize.”, said one user.


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“There’s a guy who started at my work, and he has been talking trash about his wife from day one. I told him he better show his wife some respect.

The unfortunate thing is that I think this guy thinks he’s just being cool or funny saying these things. But then they had a kid and the ‘jokes’ were suddenly about both of them.”, said one user.

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