There are people who choose to steer clear of the digital social scene and use none of the popular social media applications. A user asked the forum, “What are your opinions on someone without social media?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Made a wise choice. More productive. Not just watching random YouTube videos.”


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“What used to be normal is now ‘mysterious.'”


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“No big deal. They prefer socializing in real life, and I’m okay with that.”


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“You have to be actively engaged in conversation and take time to get to know someone not on social media. It takes more effort. 

Also, they probably have little concern about the opinions of others and don’t feel the need to see hearts or thumbs up to feel validated as human beings.”


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“They’re unnaturally healthy. Huge congrats to them!”


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“They are usually the coolest people in the room.”


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“Most of the time, they’re the most relaxed and chilled-out person as they have no stress and don’t care what you think.”


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“I don’t have social media. It’s ruining the world. It prioritizes misinformation that fits our narratives as clicks are monetized. They make more when people are angry or scared. I hate social media.”


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“Smart. Even smarter are people who have never signed up for a social media account ever. If I could go back, I’d have no social media footprint. 

I hope to see the day when we evolve to having the internet be uncool. Like using the telegraph or a rotary phone. Just go back to living and participating in real life and community.”


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“Attractive! No kidding. I was at our local mom-and-pop grocery store on Saturday and overheard a guy talking to an older woman, and he said, ‘Yeah, I’m not on any social media, so I missed that.’

I immediately whipped around to look at him and see who it was (I didn’t know him; I just wanted to see this unique human being). He was attractive but made even more beautiful by that declaration.”


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“I respect it. Great decision-making skills.”


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“They usually have original thoughts and can communicate with people effectively, and most people think it’s weird because they aren’t like everyone else.”


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“I can’t blame them. They are avoiding things that can cause them depression.”


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“This is me. My only form of social media is internet forums. My whole family often questions me why I’m not on it anymore. They think it’s weird. But it was the most significant choice I’ve made in my 23 years. 

No Instagram, no Twitter, no Snapchat. No more comparing yourself to others, posting for validation, or seeing what others are up to that you haven’t talked to in forever or never even met. I’ve been a lot happier since deleting social media.”


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“I don’t have Facebook. I feel like I’m missing out occasionally, but for the most part, I’m okay without it.”

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