Maintaining a sense of privacy can be beneficial for relationships. Sharing every detail of your life with your partner can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, potentially straining the relationship.

A user asked the forum, “What are some things that you shouldn’t share with your wife, no matter what?”. Here are the top responses from the forum.


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“Sometimes, I go to Baskin Robbins secretly without the wife or kids to have a nice quiet couple of scoops. Stuff like that, I guess. I know the treats I like, and if I have a tiny bit of spare time, I’ll do something for myself without telling anyone. Little rewards help me stay happy and motivated to spread happiness to my family!”


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“My fries, because she refuses to order her own fries but keeps stealing mine. GET FRIES IF YOU WANT FRIES.”


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“That you think she’s put on a couple of pounds.”


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“If and how you find other random women attractive. Not that it’s wrong to have the thought cross your mind, not that it makes you unfaithful if you happen to notice another woman; however, keep it to yourself.

It’s bad enough to notice your husband looking (gawking), but it is just plain disrespectful and even harmful to comment. We don’t need to know.”


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“That you’re not attracted to her anymore, especially if you don’t plan on leaving. If it’s weight or something like that, focus on improving that on yourself or together so that it rubs off on her, and she feels motivated, too.”


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“Your male friend circle. If the relationship breaks, and she’s been integrated into your circle, you’re pretty screwed. In the best-case scenario, your friends are nice enough to disassociate from her. Worst case, you’re gonna be seeing your ex way more than you’d like to.”


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“Passwords I have. I don’t need to log on to her Twitter. She doesn’t need mine.”


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“Code to the Gun Safe.”


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“Don’t share your friends’ secrets.”


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“Your bank account.”


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“Your opinions or feelings. Will be used against you in perpetuity.”


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“Your stress levels. It’s an absolute turnoff. Women want sensitive men who are in tune with their emotions until they actually open up. Keep that to yourself.”


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“Your real insecurities. It never ends well.”


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“I would say you shouldn’t share all your financial details with them. I’m just saying. Just limit whatever you let out.”

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