We aspire to travel to gain lots of fresh memories and experiences. When it comes to experience, there will be both good and bad. While we cherish good experiences, some places will give us horrible experiences we never want to experience again. Have you had any bad experiences while traveling? 

A user asked the forum, “Which country would you never want to travel to and why?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Somalia. Look at the United States travel advisory. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

Under the list of things to do if you travel there (after a big blurb saying don’t), it lists drafting a will, discussing with loved ones plans on who will take care of kids and pets after you die, and making sure your funeral wishes are documented.”


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“North Korea. For obvious reasons.”


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“I got sent to Egypt for work, and it was a living hell. I hated everything about it. It was filthy, and everyone was a lowlife dirtbag.”


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“Atlantis, I’d drown.”


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“Dubai. Fake worlds of luxury and shopping built on slave labor don’t appeal to me.”


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“Saudi Arabia. It’s the total antithesis of what I consider good in life, like freedom of thought, freedom of (and from) religion, free access to information, equality between the genders(and people of various orientations), and, oh yeah, they murder people for tweets.”


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“Jamaica. AK47s at the airport, clueless or lazy public workers, and bait and switch schemes.”


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“Russia. I’m openly gay and refuse to hide it to visit the country. There is no offense to any Russians; you have a beautiful country from pictures I’ve seen, but your laws about LGBTQ+ are bad. People are jerks.”


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“India. Sorry, but no thanks.”


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“You know, I don’t need to see France.”


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“Democratic Republic of Congo comes to mind pretty quickly. I read a book about ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Places’ in 1998, and Congo was near the top of the list then.”


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“I’ve been to South Africa and have no desire to go back with all of the violence.”


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“Haiti, for sure. Crime and poverty are just unreal.”


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“I have a friend who grew up in Venezuela; she said she will never return. Her parents can visit the United States; she’s never setting foot there again.”


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“Pakistan. Dangerous, chaotic, and permeated by radicalism and backwardness.”


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“New Zealand, because of all the Hobbits.”


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“Australia because anything and everything will be out to kill you.”


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“Unpopular opinion, but I am adamant that I will never step foot in the United States.”


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“Japan. After learning more about the highly demanding work culture, seeing salarymen passed out drunk on the sidewalks, the shut-ins, the way anime is creepily portrayed everything, the oversaturation of bright and colorful branding, the small apartments that house a whole family, the suicide rates, the complete lack of mental health awareness. All of it just feels off-putting and creepy to me. Not to mention the normalized racism.”


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“It’s still Italy. Their legal system is draconian, and it’s not worth the risk. I would hate to accidentally be sent to jail for some cultural thing I didn’t understand.”


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“Marshall Islands. Someone scammed my dad out of his entire inheritance after his wife and parents all died suddenly. Now, dad is in debt, still working in construction at age 65. He gave over 100k to scammers on the Marshall Islands. I would not want to go there.”


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“I am surprised that Yemen is not the top comment. They should change the name to Neymen to remind everyone not to go there.”


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“China. I’m visibly Muslim, which might be a safety issue; I also don’t want to support a nation that treats its Muslim minority horribly with my money. Myanmar is a no-go for the same reason.”


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“Afghanistan. The Taliban are causing earthquakes because they don’t realize their explosives and Mother Nature aren’t compatible.”


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“Belarus. I refuse to give this dictatorship any money.”

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