All the subjects we studied in school will not be applicable in real life. 

A user asked the forum, “Which subject at school proved the most meaningless to your current life today?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I had a class senior year called Lifetime Fitness. All we did every day was go to the mall and walk around, and then when the final exam came, we had to make a kite, and if it flew, we passed.”


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“Probably religious education. I wish instead of just trying to fill my head up with facts about different ‘major religions,’ we had just taken a more anthropological approach. We looked at common themes between different cultures around the world. That approach would help people relate to one another a lot better.”


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“Kindergarten music. That tambourine! I wanted the cowbell. Call me crazy, but you can never have enough cowbells!”


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“Gym. Well, it’s not entirely meaningless. It taught me how to set the bar low.”


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“Touch typing classes. Runescape did more for me than hours of Mavis Beacon.”


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“Cursive writing. I haven’t handwritten anything in lowercase in years.”


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“Ethics, I’m still a terrible person.”


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“I was made to do this at school in the middle of a United Kingdom council estate.”

Physical Education 

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“Physical Education. It made me hate sports my entire youth. After high school, I realized I liked moving my body. I hate gymnastics and everything involving kicking/throwing a ball.”


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“Math. Not arithmetic; I believe everyone needs that. But for most of the population who don’t want to be an engineer or scientist, higher math is only helpful to weed out who’s smart and who’s not because it’s hard, not because it’s useful later on.”


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“Software applications (Microsoft Office) when I was in high school in 2009. Meaningless as in, Microsoft changed everything about Office, so the entire class was pointless.”


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“Latin. They made us take Latin plus another language (plus English since it’s the United States). I chose Spanish, and that’s pretty useful. Latin is only useful if I’m trying to figure out the meaning of a Latin-based word and need access to my phone. 

Simultaneously, starting Latin and Spanish made it more difficult because everyone kept mixing the two sets of words and grammar. Two years later, it was down to one language again.”


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“Music lessons. Four years of playing the flute was the worst use of my time.”


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“History. I don’t mean knowing history is bad; I enjoy that aspect. But memorizing dates, the order of Presidents, Kings, etc., was completely useless.”


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“All I learned from our story time with a German-language teacher was a couple of German phrases and that, apparently, German kids are pretty tough.

She had an illustrated children’s book and read a story to us about an imp who’d run around with scissors to cut off the thumbs of children who would refuse to grow up. In my mind, I can still see how weird that imp looked.”

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