A netizen recently asked, How do you deal with loneliness? Below are the top 15 answers!

Do Something For Self-Improvement 

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“Educational videos/podcasts. Cooking. Journaling. If I’m alone, then I’d like to work on improving the only person I’m in contact with – me.” 


Maladaptive Daydreaming

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“I know this is described as a health “issue,” but it has helped me through my whole childhood and teenage years of loneliness. I still daydream today, but it’s not so much to escape loneliness today as it was before. Today it’s just because I can’t control it.” 


Be Your Own Company 

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“For me, I learned to be my own company. At a certain point, I was using other people to get me to go and do things. Meet up for lunch! Let’s go see a movie! We can go explore a new place together!

Eventually, I figured out that loneliness looks a lot like boredom. I felt bad for myself because I never did anything. Once I learned to flip that, I would go and do things with myself as a company all the time! Then things got really fun. 

As naturally happens, that’s when I started to find myself in the company of like-minded individuals. These days, I don’t get as much time with myself as I would like—and honestly, I miss it a little bit.” 


Music. All day

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“My Spotify is going all day long. Sunrise to sunset. Live alone and work alone. Last year raked in just under 120,000 minutes.” Said one. 

“I read somewhere that you should listen to at least 10 songs a day to improve your overall mood.” Another added. 


Have Hobbies 

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“Hobbies, after having one for a bit the community around it starts to become visible.” 


Cuddle With Your Pets

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“I cuddle with my two huskies.  They understand.” 


Take Yourself Out On Dates

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“I take myself out on dates. Fancy dinners are surprisingly affordable for one person. It’ll usually be like $80-$100 that I’ll spend on myself for dinner and a cocktail or two at a super upscale restaurant. I don’t need to spend money, though. Just going to a park or fair, maybe a cheap movie, with the idea of taking yourself on a date is very nice.” 



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“My girlfriend left me. The gym is the answer for me to deal with loneliness.” 


Lead A Healthy Life

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“Exercise, meditation, proper sleep schedule and steady diet along with healthy hobbies and fun projects.” 


Tell Yourself It’s Better Than Being Around Bad People 

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“I just remind myself that it is better to be alone than it is to be surrounded by crappy people who don’t give a crap about you.” 


Engage In Online Communities 

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“Community. This is a very broad term, but at the end of the day, I think it’s what we are all after. I see a lot of people mentioning music and other hobbies, but the fact of the matter is we are all here on Reddit. 

Our feeds are filled with our hobbies and interests, that we hand-pick. I have been fighting stage 4 cancer for a while, diagnosed back in October. I have spent a lot of time alone in the past 7 months, but certain online communities have made me feel not alone in what I have been going through. It’s crazy and makes you feel pretty crazy at times, it’s really good to talk to people who genuinely understand.

And that brings my point altogether. We all have individual interests, but actually sharing them with others is what makes living so special.” 


Hiking & Camping

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“Hiking, camping (yes, solo-it’s liberating), reading, going to breweries and trying flights and tracking in Untapped, museums, road trips (I spend a lot of time researching new places to go and things to do in that area), street fests, botanical gardens, zoo, joining groups via MeetUp, cooking, volunteering, hanging with friends, photography (researching spots with views and best times of day to go), I want to do more quilting which requires researching patterns and picking fabrics, I love Zelda games.” 


Travel Solo

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“Solo travel, if you have got the money, really helps you find peace with yourself and maybe you’ll learn to enjoy being alone.” 


Journaling & The Likes Of It

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“Journaling is dope, you can plan goals and give your life direction. So is cooking, you’ll get good and want to cook for people/friends. Dogs are cool. Workout groups are great. Push yourself to learn something new.. a new skill set/language. And also don’t be lazy.. you’ll find out you’re putting off.. a lot that you’d otherwise be taking care of.” 


Read Or Listen To Audiobooks

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“I started reading and listening to different genres I wasn’t particularly interested in and honestly it has opened up all sorts of new things I would have never discovered.” 


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