If your wedding was a well-budgeted, private celebration, we could all use a few tips from you!

A netizen recently asked, “Give me your best UK-wedding-on-a-budget tips!”.

The Original Poster (OP) adds, “For context, my partner and I have been together a long time, we’re engaged but neither of us have been interested in marriage, we share everything anyway and having attended various weddings and seen the cost/family member’s behavior, we aren’t interested in the full shebang but would like to share a last name.

No speeches, sit down meals, etc.

We want a registry office, and a party with a DJ and 2 piece band afterwards. Will look at some form of catering, but more buffet or a street food van. Based in South Birmingham. Any ideas appreciated!”

Below is the list of the top suggestions!

Change The Question

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“For our wedding I realized the best way to get a good deal was to email a range of suppliers (whether it was florists, hair & make-up, etc) and rather than ask ‘How much would you charge for x,’ tell them, ‘I have x budget and need y, what can you do for me?’

Automatically weeded out the people who would never have been able to meet our budget, and also prompted suppliers to offer creative money-saving tips (e.g. we can take flowers from the ceremony and re-use them at the reception, rather than pay for more flowers).”

Book A National Trust Garden With Food From M&S

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“We got married at a national trust garden, with food and drink ordered from M&S. Beautiful setting and it was around £1100 when we got married 6 years ago. They also threw in a year’s free national trust couples membership!”


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“Elope! My wife and I did this and we loved it. Find a spot in Scotland you like, and as long as you have the landowners permission and a celebrant to actually do the ceremony, you can get married!

It was just us, our kids, our celebrant, and 2 friends of the celebrant to witness it, in the Highlands. We got a local photographer who did incredible pics for very very cheap. The owner of our Airbnb gifted us a big bottle of whiskey. Perfect.”

Use The Occasional Offers At The Local Town Hall

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“My wife and I got married in the local town hall. They had a special offer of £50 on a Monday morning at 09:30. Only the couple and 2 witnesses were allowed.

We then went for a pub lunch with the witnesses which cost slightly more than the wedding!

We plan to hire out a local brewery for a party next year to celebrate once the baby is old enough to be babysat!”

How About A Registry Office Wedding?

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“We had a morning registry office wedding with two witnesses and their spouses. We went to lunch at a Michelin-Starred restaurant after the first bottle of champagne cost more than the ceremony.”

Get An Elopement Package And Family On A Zoom Call!

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“Slightly different idea, but we eloped to the Lake District with the dog. Found a great hotel package with meals, ceremony & afternoon tea included.

Had the family on a zoom call to watch the ceremony and then found a local photographer with an elopement package for about £350 for the day and had pics on the shore of the lake.

Best decision we ever made, so relaxed, no regrets. Then we booked a hall and DJ for the family celebration when we got back.”

Registry Office With Close Friends And Relatives Is The Way To Go About It!

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“Registry office with close friends and relatives, then book a function room at a nice pub for the party. Do not tell them it’s for a wedding, it’s for your mum’s 60th or something.”

Make It A Small Event With Minimal Frills

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“Make it a small event with minimal frills, I know plenty of people who are still paying for weddings over a decade later and every single one of them wishes they’d never spent so much.

Spend the money on something that will benefit you and your family in the future and for longer than a single day.”

Book A Macdonald’s Hotel

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“If there are any Macdonald hotels near you they often have a really reasonable price for everything.

We got married 2 years ago at Macdonald Elmer’s Court in Lymington, an amazing place, a beautiful setting on the river etc.

£3000 for everything including venue, catering, ceremony, coordinator and bridal suite accommodation the night of.”

Bennett’s Farm Near South Birmingham

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“Just went to a lovely wedding at Bennett’s farm yesterday which isn’t far from south Birmingham. A good option is to hire a country pub and stick up a marquee in the beer garden.”

Ask Your Friend With An Extraordinary Car To Be Your Wedding Driver

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“Got a friend with an unusual or rare car? Ask them to be your wedding driver instead of renting a wedding car.

Over the years my friends have used my car(s) for weddings about 5 or 6 times, including my own.”

Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Booking A Wedding

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“Don’t tell anyone you’re booking a wedding. (Eg caterers, venues, photographer) they all hike their prices.

In one place we asked for a menu for hosting a function, then my partner let slip it was a wedding and they brought out exactly the same menu, only 30 percent more.”

Save On Lights & Table Decorations

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“Buy a glue gun and have a look at decorating recycled jars. We got all our table decorations from home bargains. Also fairy lights on Amazon can be as cheap as £20 for 4+ meters.”

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