Has the prevalence of American flags decreased in recent years? A netizen recently asked, “Anyone else think American flags are disappearing?”.

The Original Poster (OP) adds, “We’re known for having flags everywhere, and although we still do, I feel like it’s slowly becoming less of a thing. I remember growing up and most of the businesses would have flag poles, but have since then been taken down.”.

Below, we’ve listed the top responses.

The Post-9/11 Effect Is Wearing Off

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“The post 9/11 rally around the flag effect has worn off.”, said one.

“20 years ago the American flag was displayed more due to solidarity after 9/11. It seems it’s wearing off now.”, another added.

I See Way More Than Before

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“I feel like I see way more than I used to, but I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Seems like way more town flags and more homes have them. Maybe it’s regional. I’m in the Northeast.”

I See Them All The Time

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“Feel like I see them all the time. People’s homes, businesses, the usual. Usually peaks around the 4th, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day, etc.”

Flags Do Not Make A Person A Patriot

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“Look, I’m retired military. I’m just as patriotic as the next guy – maybe more so given I dedicated a significant portion of my life in service to my country, even before it was popular to do so.

Flags do not make a person a patriot. Commitment to the ideals on which our country was founded fidelity to the Constitution and the concept of every person being equal is the basis of patriotism.

IMHO, the flag has been hijacked by people who abhor those ideals and present a false image of patriotism to make themselves seem better than everyone else.

I fly a flag twice a year – on the 4th of July and on Memorial Day. I don’t need to fly a flag (or a bunch of flags on a truck or a boat) to prove my patriotism to anyone. The way I treat people, the way I vote, and the way I support my community are my flags.”

People Don’t Want To Be Identified With The MAGA Crowd

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“People that have had flags out may have stopped because they don’t want to be identified with the MAGA crowd. I don’t know what the deal is with businesses, maybe just a cost reduction thing.”

Nationalists Have Hijacked Patriotic Symbols

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“To be fair, the country is experiencing a wave of nationalism by a vocal minority, so it’s natural that they’ve essentially co-opted the flag as their symbol.

When I was growing up, every house and lots of businesses had flags showing. Now, I see a truck drive by with a flag on it and I assume they’re a MAGA. If I see a house with a bunch of flags flying/showing, I assume the same thing.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s what nationalists do. They hijack patriotic symbols.”

It Has Just Got Back To Normal

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“To me, it seems like we’re back at pre-9/11 levels.

I think younger people realize draping yourself in a flag doesn’t make you a patriot. After 9/11, you were seen as a traitor by some people if you didn’t abuse an American flag pole every time you saw one.

When I moved to Indiana, I realized that a lot of people have state flags hanging on their houses. When I lived in Virginia, nobody did that.”

Depends On Where You Are

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“Depends on where you are, I’m from NY and unless it’s some of the burbs flags are not really seen much but I have family in Illinois, North Carolina and Florida and flags are everywhere there.”

Liberals Associate Displaying The Flag With Conservatism

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“It really depends on where you are. I think most liberal-minded people associate displaying the flag with conservatism at this point. It’s a shame really, but I think that’s the reality. It’s kind of become a virtue signal.”

Maybe They’ll Be Back Around The Next War

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“Maybe they’ll come back around for the next war.

We moved far enough from 9/11 that this performative patriotic spirit that people find cathartic in times of national distress is wearing off.”

Both Left & Right Extremists Are Responsible For This

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“Well, those on the left are embarrassed for this country and don’t want to fly them, and those on the right are more loyal to Trump/MAGA than the country and fly Trump flags instead…”

They’re Still Everywhere

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“Nah, they’re still everywhere. Too many. We should stop being so obscene with it, honestly…Had a family member visit from New Zealand recently and she was blown away by how many flags there are everywhere. Nobody does ‘patriotism’ like the US, blah…”

It Screams Right-Leaning American Views

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“In some areas, it has become synonymous with more right-leaning American views. The people I see flying them constantly are older and tend to be very rigid in their views and not very accepting or young and even less accepting of change and others.”

They’re Getting Replaced By Its Variants

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“They’re getting replaced with the 30 variants of flags that are becoming the new signal *I’m a patriot*: thin red line flag, thin blue line flag, thin red *and* blue line flag, thin green line flag, Jesus superimposed on a flag…”

People Are Lacking In Pride For America

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“More and more people are lacking in pride for America due to extremism and our poor quality of life/political situation.

In addition to this, having pride in America has become increasingly associated with being a bigot and so people don’t want to associate with that.

I say we make a point to point out what America REALLY IS (the positives and the people which we seem to forget as we let a vocal minority set the tone) and reclaim the flag.

The more we let it be a symbol for THEM the more it’s sullied. We shouldn’t give them that power.”

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