Some truths are so bizarre that it gets hard to believe they aren’t untrue by any chance.

An internet user asked, “What sounds like complete nonsense but is actually true?”. We’ve curated the best responses below. 

The World Record Twin Birth 

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“For women giving birth to twins, the longest recorded time between the first twin being born and the second is 90 days.” 

London (UK) Is Technically A Forest

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“London (UK) is technically a forest – the largest ‘urban forest’ in the world and has almost as many trees as people. 

(‘Forest’ by a particular definition as used by the United Nations and the Forestry Commission is ‘anywhere that is more than 20% trees’. London is 21%.).” 

Beer Can Reduce The Ill Effects Of Ionizing Radiation

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“Drinking beer after being exposed to some kinds of ionizing radiation can reduce the adverse effects.” 

The Bizarre World Of Dragonflies 

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“Dragonflies experience up to 9Gs when cornering; they are the most efficient predator catching up to 95% of the prey they go after, they breathe through their anus, and most varieties (not sure if that’s the correct word) can’t walk.”

Mammoths Existed Until Much Later

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“There were mammoths after the great pyramids were built for 500 years.” 

The Longest Flight In History 

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“The longest manned, refueled flight in history was 64 days long. The aircraft used was a Cessna 172.” 

The Titanic Incident Was Written Way Before It Actually Happened 

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“14 years before the Titanic sank, a fictional story was written by a man named Morgan Robertson. In the story, the ship was described as the largest ever built at the time (same as the Titanic), it was also woefully short on lifeboats, and it also struck an iceberg and sank.

The ship in the story was also a triple screw propeller liner, and it was named the Titan.” 

The Beatles Were Only A Band For 10 Years

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“The Beatles were only a band for 10 years, their recording discography is only 7 years between their first and their last albums.

They had two distinctly different eras, the mop top years and the acid years. Yet they were only around for 10 years.” 

Sharks Existed Before Trees

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“Sharks have existed on earth for longer than trees have.” 

The Distance Between Earth & Moon Is Huge

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“All the planets in our solar system can fit between the Earth and the Moon.” 

The Tiger Ratio

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“There are more tigers in captivity in the US than in the wild worldwide.” 

The Sun’s Roar

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“If sound could travel through space, the roar of the sun would be deafening even though it’s 93M miles away.” 

The Immortal Jellyfish 

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“There’s a species of jellyfish that is effectively immortal.

It’s entirely possible that there’s a jellyfish alive now that, if it hadn’t succumbed to predators or disease, could have been alive since T-rex walked the earth. Or millions of years earlier when Stegosaurus did. Or millions of years before dinosaurs were even a thing.” 

Squirrels Can Be Too Evil 

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“Squirrels can be ferocious killers that snack on those adorable little chipmunks on occasion.” 

Clouds Weigh Too Much 

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“Clouds weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds.”, said one. 

“The air under a cloud weighs even more than the cloud itself.  If not, the cloud would settle to the ground.”, another added.

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