Random advice can sometimes be the best advice. It can come from unexpected places and challenge us to think differently.

An internet user asked, “What is some random advice you would like to give?” Below are the best responses:

Buy A Plunger

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“Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.”, said one. 

“Also, keep a plunger in the bathroom guests use. There is nothing more awkward than having to ask for a plunger.”, another added. 

Know When To Leave 

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“To shut up when people are obviously excluding you from the group. Don’t demand attention because you don’t deserve half-baked consideration. Know when you’re not wanted and leave. You’ll eventually find YOUR KIND of people, just be patient.” 

Be Selective In Your Relationships 

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“Be very selective about who you let into your life. A relationship or friendship can either make or break you.” 

Don’t Get Too Comfortable With Anything 

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“Don’t get too comfortable. Things change jobs, relationships, and your own body. It’s good to seek stability and consistency but realize nothing is forever.”

Give A 5 Minute’s Warning For Playtime Timeout

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“Give a 5-minute warning to kids before yanking them out of playtime. When they’re toddlers and can’t tell time yet, they’ll be upset the first few times.

If you’re consistent, they will learn that it’s the signal to wind things down that lets them shift gears.” 

Don’t Make Assumptions When You Come Across A Disabled Person 

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“Do not ever, EVER assume that disability makes someone less of a person.”, said one. 

“Going off this, don’t assume that a mentally disabled person can’t do X just because they can’t do Y. Just because you can tell that they likely have a disability doesn’t mean that they won’t be aware of you infantilizing or talking down to them, or that they can’t do a specific task just because they can’t do something else.”, another added. 

Floss Your Teeth Regularly 

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“Floss your teeth. I have one that connects to my shower head and it is the most convenient tool ever. If you haven’t flossed in a while, floss your molars and give them a whiff. If it smells like death, give your teeth more attention.” 

Practice ‘Rapid Development’ At The Start Of Chess

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“Random Chess Advice – It is often suggested to practice ‘rapid development’ in the opening of chess, where your goal is to develop all your pieces by only moving them once, castling, and getting your major pieces off the backline so your “rooks are touching” 

If you can accomplish this quicker than your opponent, often you are in a better position to start the middlegame where the battle truly begins.” 

Trust Your Gut Feeling

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“Trust your gut feeling. Chances are there is a reason but your brain has not consciously articulated it.”, said one. 

“Gut feelings are related to the vagus nerve, which essentially wraps around and holds your torso to the lower half of your body! it goes into your gut and essentially causes those gut feelings.”, another added. 

There’s A Shortcut Key To Reopen Closed Tabs!

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“CTRL + Shift + T will reopen tabs that you accidentally closed.”, said one. 

“Just taught my older coworker this trick when he accidentally closed an extremely important page he was working on for like 2 hours and he was in shock.”, another added. 

Get A Job That’s Relevant To Your Degree In College 

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“I have said this before and many don’t agree. If you are in college and have to work, get a job that’s relevant to your degree program.

Nobody cares that IDK if you have a computer degree and your only work experience is flipping burgers. It has nothing to do with the degree and job recruiters are not going to care if you are an excellent fast food worker.” 

Develop A Few Hobbies 

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“Find things that you love doing and do them.”, said one. 

“And you don’t have to be good at these things. Do them for the pleasure of doing them. Mr Rogers liked to draw but said he wasn’t very good at it, but that’s OK because he still liked to do it. 

If you like it and you do it enough, you’ll probably get better at it anyway. So don’t sweat it if it’s not the Mona Lisa the first time out.”, another added. 

Be Kind

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“Be kind. To yourself and to each other. The world would be a better place.” 

Shake Your Cramped Muscle To Get Rid Of The Cramp 

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“If you get a cramp, say in your leg, physically grab that cramped muscle and shake it vigorously. 

It confuses the muscle so it releases rather than contacts… resulting in a pretty swift ending to painful cramping!” 

Don’t Take Random Things Personally 

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“Understand and embrace the fact that most things other people do and say aren’t about you, so don’t take it personally.

Let it roll off your back and out of your life; don’t bother to waste your energy on it. (This statement does not apply if another person’s or group’s actions are causing you personal harm, obviously.)”

Keep Switching Your Job

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“If you work a professional job, switch jobs every 1-3 years, you’ll get paid way more at a new job than at your old job and you’ll be able to negotiate a higher salary, sometimes even as high as 30-50% more. You’ll also learn new skills and will be able to move up In the job title faster. 

Remember, companies aren’t your friend, they aren’t going to be loyal to you, corporate loyalty never pays off in modern times.” 

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