Nobody likes individuals who are conceited and arrogant, constantly wearing a smug expression for no apparent reason. This behavior is universally off-putting to everyone, including you and us.

But is there a connection between one’s profession and arrogance? Do certain professions have more arrogant pricks? Let’s find out. A user asked the forum, Which profession has the most arrogant people? And here’s what people had to say: 

1. Social Media Influencers

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“I hesitate to call this a profession, but people do get paid for it so it is a job, so social media influencers,” said one.

“I agree with you; social media influencers are the most arrogant worldwide. They don’t do anything for the world, just bringing mediocrity for this generation” another added.

While some people supported their argument, it didn’t go well with many of them. 

2. Politicians

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“I work on a lot of political media, and this is what I was thinking. Many, many many jerks. Sometimes I work with decent candidates or staffers, and it’s shocking,” said one. 

“I am fit to rule over free human beings! -Psychopaths” trolled one another.

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3. Academic Professionals

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“I had this one professor that basically made it to where you had to sacrifice all of your other classes to get an A or B in his. His was a huge prereq, too so we really didn’t have much of a choice”  said one.

“My spouse is in academia, and there has probably been one good person for every three arrogant pricks that I’ve met. And the arrogant pricks are the worst educators.” said another.

4. Tattoo Artists

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“I’ve seen a lot of tattoo artists being strangely gate-keepy,” said one.

“I’ve noticed this as well. A lot of tattoo artists act like they don’t want any clients, or they insist on tattooing their own design and not what the client requests.”  replied another.

5. People In The Tech Industry

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“Tech by far. I work at one of the FAANG companies, the arrogance here of almost everyone, top to bottom is astounding.” said one. 

“I scrolled WAY too far to find this answer. Tech 100%. Yelp is one of the worst I’ve seen while Salesforce is one of the best. Bro culture is insane!” replied another.

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6. Chefs

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“Cooks, more so than Chefs. Never met so many drug addicted nerds barely living paycheck to paycheck convinced they know better than every more successful person in the world even though their resume is McDonald’s, Lone Star and 6 months at their local steak house.”

7. Cops

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“It’s definitely cops. 

Like, sure, lawyers and surgeons and doctors can be arrogant, but at least they’ve got some kind of achievement to back it. 

Cops are just thugs and they are untouchable by the rule of law so they behave so arrogantly, but with no basis for even slight overconfidence, let alone the massive amount of foolery they do”

8. Military

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“Military. I ain’t bashing the service since that’s like 3/4 of my family, but that fresh out of boot arrogance is unmatched.”

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9. HR Professionals

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“HR workers for big companies; usually love exercising the little power they have through their position while they most likely can’t do half of what the employee in front of us actually does.”

10. Doctors and surgeons

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“Doctors and surgeons, in my experience. They’ve been told they are the creme of society, given power over human lives and lauded. Someone let it go to their head. Asking about side effects or questioning treatments isn’t doubting their experience and knowledge. It is trying to understand what is about to happen to you.”

“Doctors that make you refer to them as doctor in all situations. The worst of the worst are chiropractors who are not actually doctors.”

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