Men, what are some of the most absurd double standards you’ve encountered in your everyday lives? A netizen recently asked, “Men, what absurd double standards have you encountered in life?”. Check out the top responses below!

Women Not Being Able To Handle Rejection

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“I’ve received hostility for turning down women before. An ex of mine would start arguments with me if I was not in the mood for intimacy. I once had a random woman slap me on the back of the head and call me gay for turning her down.

Also, in the dating scene, I’m usually the one that’s required to do all the work to make things interesting. If a relationship is getting boring, I have to plan fun things, otherwise, it’s my fault she’s bored.

Dead bedroom? I have to figure out how to spice things up. Does someone call themselves ‘romantic’? It means they want me to surprise them with romantic gestures all the time while I receive nothing in return.”

A Man’s Involvement In His Young Daughter’s Life

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“My daughter is now 11, but when she was younger, a lot of women were surprised at how involved I was in my daughter’s education, medical appointments, and her life in general. There is still the double standard where it’s assumed the mother is the one who knows all the details of their kids’ lives.

My wife had a very busy career and so we tried to evenly split all the parenting responsibilities as much as possible.It was amazing how many places like playgrounds or fun kid stuff were where it would be just my daughter and me, and it was assumed I was a single dad or more often that it was my custody time.

Fortunately, my daughter looks very like me because I would sometimes get double takes from moms to make sure I was not stealing some random kid.

That leads to the second point. Women taking advantage of a male teenager rarely get the same disgust compared to a male taking advantage of a female teenager. It’s always an abuse of power and wrong no matter who does it. The double standards for this by teachers are the worst.”

Having Friends From The Opposite Gender

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“How a woman can have a male friend, or like a male’s post, or bring up a guy is good looking, and it’s viewed in an entirely different tone than if her male counterpart did the exact same things.”, said one.

“The way women react to good-looking celebrities is wild.”, another added.

Harassment Experienced By Males Being Dismissed

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“Got molested by a female babysitter when I was younger. Told two male therapists and they told me to stop complaining, basically the reaction from most other people too. Like no one bats an eye, I’ve even been asked before ‘How was it?!’.”

Males Being Considered Secondary Parents

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“As a man, even in the most progressive countries, you are seen as the secondary parent to your child.”

Watching Women Fail Physical Standards For Civil Service Jobs

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“Watching women fail physical standards for civil service jobs like Police and Fire Department, and it being waivable.”, said one.

“It harms the women too. A woman who fails the physical standard is not magically going to be able to fight off an irate suspect without going for something on her belt (likely a gun because nothing else is 100% in that situation) or safely lift something heavy as a firefighter.”, another added.

Men Being Pressured To Meet Gender Stereotypes To Date

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“Men are still pressured to meet gender stereotypes. Women are characterized as strong for going against those stereotypes.”

The Maths Class Discrimination

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“When the girls in class would have a question, especially in math they would get an answer from the teacher immediately. When the boys asked a question then it was always because of ‘They didn’t listen’.”

The Biased Rules Of ‘Cheating’

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“When a woman cheats it’s always because she had a ‘good’ reason. When a man does it’s because he’s a dog or a jerk.

They’re both jerks.”

Raising Kids As A Single Dad

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“I raised my daughter as a single dad. A bunch of times I was questioned for taking her into the bathroom. Like ‘Who are you?’ or ‘Are you ok sweetie?’ like, screw you! Just because I’m raising my daughter as a man doesn’t mean you get to question me or my daughter.”

Denying The Existence Of ‘Toxic Femininity’ While Believing In Vice Versa

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“The idea that there is toxic masculinity while denying toxic femininity exists. The reason it’s a double standard is because people in general have the ability to be toxic and it’s not specifically 1 gender that has that issue or ability, yet the people that openly say it don’t see that they’re actually toxic people themselves.

You can tell because toxic people usually tend to have narcissistic traits, and the one highlighted the most, in this case, is deflecting responsibility and accountability for their own toxicity on anyone and anything to avoid being at fault.

So when they generalize any sort of challenge to their toxicity, and the groups that enable and encourage them in their toxic behavior, they label them as toxic themselves for refusing to adhere to their toxic mentality in an effort to silence them and un-warrantedly shift blame to them for the simple act of putting accountability and responsibility back on their shoulders for their actions, words, and behavior.”

The Entry Fees For Night Clubs

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“Night clubs. Women get in free, men pay $40.”, said one.

“I complain about this always. Everyone pays or nobody pays. Screw you with this ‘supply and demand’ nonsense of the genders and then some have girls get in free unless you’re ‘ugly’ according to the bouncers. So all men and ugly women pay. Very bizarre.”, another added.

Child Support Fallacies

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“I’ve paid $250K in child support. Now that I have custody and the kids live with me, I get $0 in child support. It was $5k just to get custody and CS stopped (uncontested), not spending more to fight for blood from a stone (my ex-wife is terrible with money).”

Super Tiny Clothing Sections For Men

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“Clothing stores have the tiniest men’s sections with the most boring clothing options while women enjoy almost the entire floor of wonderful, colorful options. But also the women in my life complaining/joking that men don’t enjoy clothes shopping.”

Body Positivity/Fat Acceptance

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“Body positivity/fat acceptance. I’ve been overweight and dissatisfied with my body in the past and made positive changes to look and feel more fit. But this society tells me I’m not allowed to turn down a woman with a pregnant-looking belly, batwings, double chin, and ankles because I’m not accepting of all body shapes/lifestyles.

There are very few fat and unhealthy-looking men I’ve seen with girls who don’t look similar, and if they do, they’re an outlier and more often than not, they damn sure are not looked at positively, even by women of the same size or bigger.

We have to put in effort but they don’t? Telling people they don’t need to improve themselves is a very dangerous ideology, and it’s almost always women being made the poster children for this mindset.

Not that I want to be part of the movement anyway, they can keep that nonsense, genetics or not.”

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