A netizen recently asked, what could be the travel hacks for women traveling with only a cabin bag? Below, we’ve curated the best ones for you.

Toiletries Hack

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“Instead of buying liquid shampoo and shower gel, I buy Dove soap and a shampoo bar, I also buy solid deodorant. A travel-sized toothpaste that is big enough for both me and my fiancé. And it also comes with a travel toothbrush.


Travel Pots

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“I have invested in travel pots that hold my mouthwash, face wash, sunscreen, conditioner and leave-in conditioner – I have curly hair so I just let my hair air dry over there so no need for a hair dryer or straightener etc.”

“I have bought stackable mini travel pots which hold my foundation, SPF 50 face cream, night cream and face primer…it lasts me up to two weeks! They deceivingly hold a lot! “


Sealed Pods

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“I travel with hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin c and niacinasingle-dosage dose pods, they fit flush in my liquids bag but I’m pretty sure they won’t need to go in because they are in sealed little pods.” 


All Inclusive Make-Up

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“I have invested in the Milani all-inclusive face palette which has a contour bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, and highlighter, better than Mini travel mascara and I’ll also take it with my lipstick and eyebrow pencil. 

I also bought the real techniques mini travel brushes which come with a small travel bag and it fits in my bag so easily! And a mini perfume atomiser which I can fill up with my own perfume. 

I am in a fortunate situation where I can use my fiancé’s liquid allowance as he will use the hotel toiletries. But If I wasn’t I’d just buy toothpaste, mouth wash and sunscreen over there… personally, I can’t skip the conditioner, they usually don’t cater to my hair type abroad.” 


Dress up and Down Clothes

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“Altogether I have taken 8 items of clothing which can all be dressed up or dressed down. This consists of 2 co-ord which is 2 crop tops, a skirt and a pair of shorts. A pair of trousers which pairs perfectly with both the tops from the co-ords and a black and white tee-shirt which goes with all the bottoms. In addition, I have also packed an extra dress which can be worn both in the day and the night. 

All in all, this makes 13 outfits. I will also travel in gym clothes, so I can use the gym over there and I will wear that with a pair of trainers.

For PJ’s I have taken 2 lightweight nighties from Primark and a satin dressing gown.

2 white bras 2 black bras and 7 pairs of knickers, I have also packed a nice bit of lingerie.

2 swimming costumes – one to wash, one to wear. And one swimsuit cover. I also bought a waterproof phone case which means I won’t have to leave my phone or money off my person when going into the water and I even managed to fit a thin beach towel in…just in case! 

I also packed laundry detergent sheets for hand washing items of clothing whilst I’m away, they don’t take up any room in your bag or liquid space.”



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“I will be taking over a pair of flatform sandals from River Island which go with all my outfits,  they are pretty and won’t be hard to walk in on uneven floors so they will look great for a nighttime shoe.

I am also taking over some hiking sandals so I can go on some beautiful long walks in comfort

And some flip flops to quickly chuck on for getting around the hotel and for walking around the beach.”


Order Online 

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“If you have a Boots or Superdrug in the airport you can order online and collect it there. Did this a couple of times and doesn’t count towards your baggage allowance.” 


Pack For A Week

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“Yes, traveling with carry-on only is pretty easy once you pare things down to what you really need. I generally pack for a week and do laundry as needed.”


Dr Bronner’s Bar Soap

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“I loved having Dr Bronner’s bar soap. You can use it on yourself *and….. LAUNDRY!* 

It lathered incredibly, much better than actual detergent/laundry sheets. I had to wash things in the sink/shower several times and it did a perfect job. 

You can theoretically use it for many other things, but it was a lifesaver for laundry and cleaned me too.” 


Hollow Travel Pillows

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“Buy one of those travel pillows that’s hollow and you stuff all your underwear into it so that it doesn’t take up valuable real estate in the bag” 


Old Contact Lens Cases

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“I saw a trick to pack or de-pot some of your toiletries in old contact lens cases. Might not be enough for a full week but still.  She did the stuff you don’t need daily and I thought it was genius.” 



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