Without a car, it would be hard to do any side hustle. A user asked the forum, “Is there any side hustle I can do without a car?” Here are the common responses. 


data analytics.
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“Data annotation. I started two days ago, and I’ve made about $150. I had to take a qualifier test, and it took about two weeks to hear back from them after I took it.”


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“Are you fairly well educated? You can tutor people online.”


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“If you are bilingual, you can go to the courthouse and offer translation services for a fee.”


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“If there’s a place close by for you to donate plasma, you can get some decent money if you’re eligible.”


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“Digital realtors are going to become a thing if you want to be early. It’s not begun yet, but it should be starting very soon (Glume City, for example, you can find him on Twitter). You hustle selling digital real estate just like you would with regular real estate. Most people will laugh it off until the amounts and % commissions become higher.”


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“Buying plants then selling cuttings on Etsy.”


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“Had a guy walk around with his lawn mower and weed eater. Cut the local grass for them. Got to ask him one day how much he made. He showed his only tax return. He pulled 50k a year doing that and cleaning rain spouts.”


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“Help people find and buy cars. I did it only once, but I got enlightened. You are a dealer with no inventory.”


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“Dog watcher if the owners offer to drop them off.”


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“You can sell options. I make $3200 every two weeks right now. It is important to understand that I also have a decent-sized brokerage account.”


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“Stand in a parking lot and sell candy at a profit. Not glam, I know, but that came to mind.”


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“I do Uber Eats on my bike. I’ve used my regular bike several times, and it’s tougher but doable. Find a downtown area and try to stay in it.”


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“Any low-entry cost art/craft that can be sold online. You can try selling paintings, Spoon Carving, and Knitting.”


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“Look on Craigslist for labor gigs near you. I’ve gone to people’s houses (walked, used a bus, one time even the people picked me up), and I put together patio furniture/grills/stuff like that for people. It’d take me less than an hour, and I’d get paid about $120.”


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“If you’re in a snowy area, you can shovel driveways in your neighborhood.”

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