We spend too much money on certain products that don’t serve their purpose anymore. A user asked the forum, “Which product doesn’t work as it should, but people still buy it?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Septic tank safe flushable toilet wipes. The gentleman who pumps our tank brought me outside to see the evidence when his hose clogged. Sorry about that, Clint.”


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“Anything that is supposed to cleanse, flush, or remove ‘toxins’ from one’s body.”


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“Every printer I have ever purchased, no matter how expensive, is the flakiest of products I ever own. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) constantly disconnects, and personal computers frequently have connectivity problems, whether USB (Universal Serial Bus), Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or all three.

When you finally connect to them, unless you print on them every week, they will no longer work, the ink will leak or be dry, and the printer will be destroyed. Get a laser printer? You now skip the ink-drying issues, but the other problems remain. That device has dementia.”


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“Phenylephrine (PE) cold medicines. They put the Sudafed behind the counter to keep the tweakers from making meth with it. The PE replacements do not work. 

CVS (Consumer Value Store) pharmacies recently pulled their entire stock of PE products, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is working on it.”


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“Fabric softener ruins the absorbent power of your bath towels. I hate dryer sheets.”


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“Every can opener ever purchased from a dollar store.”


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“Citronella Candles. Proven not to work to keep mosquitos away. Candle smoke works, but you don’t need any scent.”


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“Those pumpkin carving kits sold every Halloween with the tiny tools that break immediately.”


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“Insurance, only because they look for 100 ways not to pay you.”


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“Gas cans with their mandated safety spouts. It takes two hands to operate them. It is very unwieldy, especially when filling small tools like chainsaws. Often leads to spillage.”


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“Disposable razors. Especially the 3-5 blade ones that cost a ton of money. I avoided shaving because anything other than a single pass from a trimmer would irritate my skin. 

I tried out an unbranded basic safety razor, and the difference is unbelievable. It’s far less irritating than an electric razor and disposable razors. It takes fewer passes to get shaved. The blades cost pennies, so you can use a fresh knife whenever your heart desires.

I have no idea how the advertising industry convinced us that modern 3+ blades nightmares are remotely reasonable.”


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“Personal AntiVirus software. It all is a mess and doesn’t effectively work. Even then, the most effective is Windows Defender, which is built-in and accessible. I’ve been working in cyber security, including in malware, for 10+ years.”


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“Swiffer mop. I’ve gone through so many of these. I don’t know why I keep buying them.”


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“Airborne/high dose Vitamin C. Don’t do anything for you.”


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“Microsoft Office. It fights you every step of the way and is still ubiquitous.”


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“LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light bulbs! What’s with these things?! They are supposed to last for years, and ours fully do not. They are expensive. What am I missing here?”


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“Solar yard lights. Every time I walk past a yard with these, 1/3 are out, and the rest produce this stupid, dim blue glow. Just run a low-voltage cable; how hard is that?”


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“Those stupid radar detectors. I worked at Radioshack for five years until it almost died, and I never had one of those not come back as a return because they got a ticket. I would tell these idiots precisely that, and they’d still buy it and return it a week later.”


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“iPhones. The same phone every year might as well go with a 12-13 instead of the 15.”


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“Hartz pet products. They should be illegal; they kill so many animals.”


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“Anything organic. Spend 3x as much to get no additional benefits.”


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“Eye creams for wrinkles, bags.”

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