Individuals tend to reveal their authentic selves through the hobbies they pursue and the manner in which they conduct themselves. Leisure activities serve as a reflection of one’s personality and aspirations.

A user asked the forum, “What are the hobbies that are an immediate red flag?”. Here are the top responses.


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“The constant need to post every life interaction on social media. I would hate to feel like every day needs to be an “instrument.” Imagine that kind of pressure.”


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“Collecting nail clippings.”


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“Vape “culture” and treating it as a hobby.”


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“People who like to get others mad on social media. I have met a lot of people like that on the internet, and they are not trolls: they are committed to it, and it almost feels like they are getting paid for doing so.

No matter that you confront them with facts and kindness, they will always find a way to be extremely rude. The only way to win against abusive people on the internet is not caring about their existence; that way, you take them down from their stupid horse.”


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“Once I worked with a guy. Went to his place, and he’s like, “Want to see my collection of oddities?” And proceeds to show me a bunch of insects and animals in jars of formaldehyde. But he picks up one large jar, and it’s just a cat’s head floating in it. He made it swish from side to side. He seemed like a cool guy, though.”


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“I can’t see why collecting Murderphilia is a thing. AND popular enough to have multiple websites selling it.

Collecting their hand tracings is a big thing. And not just the famous killers— there’s a website I found selling a hand tracing of someone who murdered an eight-year-old boy.

Why would someone want that?”


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“My ex-girlfriend’s hobby was day drinking. That was pretty bad.”


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“People who love pulling pranks are pretty much always obnoxious jerks.”


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“Collecting Nazi war memorabilia, probably. Or jewelry found from grave digging.”


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Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely for the legalization of recreational use of it as long as stuff like Tobacco is allowed.

But what I find really off-putting is the “weed culture” that develops around many regular users – marijuana use disorder, over-identification with weed, not wanting to go a day without it (even if you still can), and unnecessarily bringing it up whenever.

It’s even worse when the obnoxious 420 blaze comes into it.

So rather than consuming weed at all, this is about regular consumption to the degree of it becoming part of your personality.”


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“People who buy 2k games. Every year.”


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“Self-diagnosing mental illnesses and then claiming it as your entire personality.”


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“Disney people. There’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s not my thing. I’ve been to Disney World once, and that was enough.”


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“Leaving the TV on with 24-hour news channels. You feel that you are being informed, but it becomes a hobby when you don’t change the channel.”


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“Participating in any way in Child Beauty Pageants.”


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“Debating. You just like to fight against people.”

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