Casinos look exciting, colorful, and dreamy, but their reality is only known to their staff. A user asked the forum, “What are some dark secrets of working at a casino?” Here are the top responses.


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It is no new that once you win at a casino, it can get addictive. One such incident is when a gambler decided to continue gambling for 2+ days at a stretch and lost everything he won.w

A user shares, “During my 8-hour shift, a gentleman won $15,000 on a slot machine. I punched out at the end of the shift and had the next two days off. I returned to work after my weekend to find the man still sitting at the same slot machine. He had been there for 2+ days, losing $15,000.”


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Oftentimes, casinos are the last stop people make before ending their lives.

A user shares, “Casinos are a last stop for many people on their decision to kill themselves. Many will gamble and drink what bit they have left, get a room, and end it. Lots of deaths on the Las Vegas Strip.”


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Casinos are designed to be alluring and exciting, with flashing lights, vibrant sounds, and the promise of big wins. However, the allure can become a dangerous trap for some people, leading them to spend everything they have.

A user shares, “I worked as a cage cashier. I have seen people come in on payday and spend every penny, and then they come back demanding their money back because they need it for rent, medications, and food; I would get security to remove them from the window.”


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Casinos offer a tempting escape that can lead to addiction for some.

A user says, “I have witnessed the human cost of gambling addiction. Check cashing, loans, kids in cars in the parking lot, peeing and pooping on seats, follow on addictions like chain-smoking, vaping, and the sadness and regret when people are leaving; the declined messages on the ATMs (Automatic Teller Machine).”


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While the casino is designed to win, dealers must face the regulars and know how sad their lives are.

A user shares, “I worked at a casino as a dealer through college. Many incidents were pretty sad, especially with regulars you liked.  One regular would tell me about his middle school-age kids, and then I would realize the next week or so later that he was missing their school plays/recitals, etc, because he was at the tables. I remember working overnight one Christmas Evening and begging him to go home when 6/7 AM rolled around because his kids would be up and opening presents.”


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Casinos are not just places to gamble; they are meticulously designed environments that use every trick to keep you playing for as long as possible.

A user shares, “Reading some of these entries reminds me of the 12 years I spent working in IT (Information Technology) at a casino. 

Aside from the fact that many people don’t think about the level of thought put into the building itself, to the fact that some casinos use perfumes in their air ducts, the maze-like winding of the way the aisles and banks of machines are set, and the fact that food is readily available is all meant to keep you there and make you spend that last dime. Only to walk to the nearest ATM or Cage (the pits where chips and money are exchanged) to borrow at exorbitant rates.”


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Casinos are made to win; they track your every move and have the technology to track chips.

A user says, “I worked at a casino, was a cashier, was a primary banker, and now I’m a BSA (Bank Secretary Act) compliance officer. Don’t gamble; the house always wins. We track our chips because gangs will buy a bunch and use them as currency. We can adjust the payout rates of any slot machine. We are watching you, and if you win or lose enough, we will do a background check on you.”


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According to this user, “People wear diapers and poop and pee themselves while sitting at the machines, so they don’t lose their spot. I heard many stories of regular people coming in every payday and gambling their entire check away.”


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Casinos have no clocks or windows to know what time it is. 

A user says, “They intentionally don’t put windows or clocks on the floor, so you can’t tell how much time has passed. They pour stronger drinks to loosen inhibitions and cause people to spend more money gambling. It’s a pretty messed up industry, especially considering it’s usually targeting people who don’t have the money to spend there anyway.”


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While the industry is highly regulated, you need to understand you will lose because of the extensive math they do.

A user says, “The ‘dark secret’ is that it’s not interesting because the industry is heavily regulated. Everything is aboveboard; you lose all your money because of math.”


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While some might view gambling as harmless entertainment, the potential for loss can bring out the worst in people.

A user says, “Patrons who lose a lot when gambling will urinate and poop all over the bathrooms (like flinging poop onto the ceiling) in anger. Sometimes, menstrual blood as well. Housekeepers are underpaid and ill-equipped to deal with this, and these messes may not get cleaned as they should.”


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The place is heavily armed, with cameras everywhere. Besides the bathroom, there is no casino corner where security can’t see you from multiple angles.


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All staff were mandated to work all big holidays. They never get Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Labor Day off. It was all hands on deck because holidays were the year’s busiest days.

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