Wondering how to look rich for cheap? 

While many people associate wealth with higher prices, achieving a lavish look is possible without breaking the bank. In fact, numerous products are surprisingly cheap but will appear sophisticated. If you want to add some class to your lifestyle, read on to discover the best affordable and fashionable items.

A user asked on a popular forum, what’s a really cheap thing you can buy that can make you look wealthy? And here are the top picks:


1. Fancy Bottles

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Fancy bottles can make you look rich especially when they are premium alcohol brands. 

“I have a family member who always asks for empties of fancy bottles of alcohol and then just refills them with the cheap stuff. You’d be impressed if you look at his bar, but IT’S ALL A SHAM!” said one.

“I do this, and people always comment how great the $80 one is when really it’s $12.” another added.


2. Lab Grown Diamonds

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Diamonds are great to have, but did you know you can always get lab grown diamonds at a cheaper rate? You can’t distinguish them over any other diamonds brands try to sell you.

“My wife’s 2-carat ring is lab-grown diamonds, and she knows about it and loves it. Screw the diamond industry. Diamonds aren’t that rare, and people die over that.” one added.

“If I ever need another diamond ring, I’m going to go with lab-grown diamonds!” another said.


3. Spend Money On Getting Your Clothes Tailored

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“I’m late to the party. Spend money on getting your clothes tailored. I’m a money manager. The old-school wealth doesn’t wear anything that stands out. However, their clothes always have a perfect fit. said one.


4. Cabinet Lighting

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“Under cabinet lighting. I bought rechargeable led strips for $30 on Amazon, held up by magnets. They light up the backsplash/counter below and scream, I had this custom lighting done by an electrician.” a user said.

“I am doing accent lighting everywhere in my house, and it makes such an awesome difference.” another added.


5. Cufflinks

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“Cufflinks. You will need the correct shirt, of course.” a user said.

“All the top management at my work wear French cuffs with cufflinks.” another added.


6. Travel

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“Not exactly an item, but…travel. Americans grossly overestimate the cost of international travel and think they have tons of money because of it. I just spent a few days in the Scandinavian capital. Direct flight from NYC was less than $300, and the hostel bed was less than $20.

Most Americans spend far more than that traveling to Miami or Vegas or what-have-you, yet comment on my finances when they see where I go.” said one.

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7. A Decanter

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“Buy a $14 bottle of red, put it in a decanter before friends arrive, and toss it. When friends arrive, apologize that the wine has only been breathing for a “short amount of time” this makes you seem like a wine snob. If anyone doesn’t like the wine, it’s because it hasn’t had time to breathe, obviously.” a user added.


8. Stay Clean

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“It’s not an item that only costs your time, and that is being clean. Have a clean car inside & out, a clean apartment/house, and make sure everything smells clean. Taking care of yourself shows others you value yourself, which will make them more inclined to believe you have value as well.” a user said.

“When my house has been dusted, vacuumed, and scrubbed, everything looks new and put together. The perceived “newness” of your belongings will make it appear as if you just bought them.” another added.


9. Grey T-shirt

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The simpler your wardrobe, the richer you look. We believe in that. “That gray t-shirt billionaires are always wearing.” said one.

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