Certain things make this world an unpleasant place to live in. Eliminating all those will make Earth a better place to live. A user asked the forum, “If you could eliminate ONE thing from the world, what would it be?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Corruption. Just imagine the difference it will make.”


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“Greed. Imagine a world full of humans feeling satisfied.”


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“Bed bugs. I want to go to a movie theater without the fear of bringing one home.”


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“Religion. All of them.”


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“Hunger, it is sad, but, coming from an underdeveloped country myself, I see so many people here in America throw away food like it’s no big deal. For example, I had a few cousins who would grab an apple, take a bite, and throw it away. 

I noticed that many kids here are ungrateful. They would go for something like ice cream and only have one or two scoops out of it and say, ‘I don’t want it anymore,’ when some people or kids that are starving would see that as a luxury.”


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“Lack of empathy. Every wrong, inequality or imbalance in the world gets fixed quickly by removing lack of empathy.”


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“Ego. People will say religion, but the root of the suffering from religion is ego. You eliminate religion, you’re not eliminating all problems.”


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“People who could hurt people or other living beings.”


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“Mosquitos, I know they probably have a big role in the ecosystem, but I hate them.”


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“Atmospheric carbon dioxide above three Parts Per Million (PPM).”


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“Weapons of mass destruction.”


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“Price gouging. Every major corporation is taking full advantage of the lack of laws against price gouging, and they have been doing it since the COVID-19 supply chain crisis. 

Everything is now unaffordable, and $1 million is no longer enough to retire comfortably. Eliminating it would make everyone’s lives a lot easier.”


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“The Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant (ISIS). I lived in Syria, and what ISIS does to the children is so cruel they give them bombs to go to army bases. I once saw a pile of dead children on the side of a road.”


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“Psychopathy and all other related disorders. While it would not solve all crime, without fixing the economy, there would still be people who need to steal to live, and there will always be messed up teenagers who do dumb themselves due to peer pressure and not understanding the consequences.

It would almost certainly make horrific crimes nonexistent as all they are intrinsically linked to the lack of emotion and empathy present in psychopaths & sociopaths.”


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“Sickness or cancer, if you want me to be more specific.”


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“War. It is good for nothing!”


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“Black licorice. It’s the worst. Only 1% of the world’s population enjoys black licorice. But unfortunately, that’s the same 1% that controls everything. 

So, if I had enough power to eliminate something, I’d ban the production, distribution, sale, possession, and consumption of black licorice. Abolishing black licorice would be high on my list of priorities.”

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