While frugality is often associated with financial management, it’s motivated by a range of factors.

A user asked the forum, “Frugal tips where the main focus isn’t money.”, lets have a look at the top answers.


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“Time is a commodity. I try to group things together that make sense to group together. Like, if I’m going to cook and make a mess in the kitchen, I might as well cook extra or cook a bunch of different things and then clean up the kitchen once.

Or, if I’m going someplace a few hours away, I’ll plan other things on the way back instead of going back and forth.”


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“For work, I had a basic “uniform.” Solid dark-colored pants (black, gray, navy). The solid colored nice t-shirt, and a solid blouse/overshirt/sweater to wear with it.

Any day of the week, all I had to do was pick one from those categories. Everything looked generic enough that I could cycle the same items into different combos almost endlessly and without using up a lot of mental energy getting ready.”


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“My time and mental bandwidth. I am no longer a striver. I am happy with a simple job that I never have to take home and lots of time just for me.”


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“Reflecting on another comment about time as a resource, I try not to do chores at the weekend. Laundry, grocery shopping, eye test, haircut, etc., are all done in the week (I work from home and use my lunch hour), meaning weekends are free of appointments as far as possible.

Working from home also allows me to make something for lunch that is better than a store-bought sandwich. And in winter, I can walk the dog at lunchtime to get some vitamin D too. Healthier rather than money-frugal.”


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“Had to relearn a big one today. I don’t give my emotional energy to trolls. I like to have conversations, but once someone keeps telling you there is only one way to do things and that every experience you talk about must be backed up by peer-reviewed evidence, I’m out. Be done. Do not engage the trolls.”


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“I know a lot of people talk nonsense about online shopping, but on Saturday, the O-ring on my Instant Pot failed. I have no idea where to find one locally, so I popped online and ordered a 3-pack for $10, and they were delivered the next day.

I use my instant pot a few times a week because of how much time it saves, and I was unwilling to have it out of commission while I wasted gas driving to stores looking for a new part.”


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“Planning ahead, doing the prep work, and understanding how things work is a far better approach than simply being reactionary. This saves you a ton of time.

Harmless example: cleaning as you cook. The entire process takes less time than if you did it separately.”


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“If clothes can’t stand the laundry gauntlet- I pass on them. I don’t want to waste time hand-washing anything.”


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“Get exercise in your daily routine. Take the stairs or park in the back of the parking lot. Just make walking extra a part of what you are doing already.”


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“We wash, rinse and then freeze our zip lock bags. It’s about saving the planet; saving money is just a bonus.”


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“Saying NO to useless friends, colleagues, and relatives.”


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“I live ways outside town, so I limit my shopping to once a week period. I make all my errands at once so I’m not wasting time (and gas and wear on the car) going to town multiple times. It stops me from impulse buying too.”


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“Bake organic whole wheat bread, muffins, etc.- grind organic wheat berries, mix, and bake. Super tasty and healthy! Whole wheat pitas, too- not as tasty as white flour 🙁 But if I’m baking for myself, it’s freshly milled whole wheat.”


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“Allowing yourself to fully enjoy a moment. Savor food. Really consider all the flavors of your drink. Being absorbed completely in what you’re doing. That’s truly getting full value.”

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