Side hustles are a great way to diversify your income and build financial security.

A user asked the forum, “Who is making between $1k-$10k/mo with their side hustle?”. Let’s look at the top replies from the forum users.


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“Start mowing lawns. You’ll make $1,000 a month easily with little effort.”


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“$1000/m. I’m a soccer ref for youth leagues and adult leagues.”


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“I make 10k a month on the side making meals for gym rats.”


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“I’m making about $2300/month from my side hustle. I do social media management.”


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“Around 5k/mo painting vacant apartments.”


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“I have mentioned it before, but I make 3-4k on merch by Amazon and that doesn’t include my blogs.

Edit: I added it in the comments, but how I make it is I have 8,000 shirts and have been uploading since 2019.

I also have public accounts and Redbubble.

Edit 2: my blogs make me 20k a month. I do affiliate marketing on tons of niches and recently started a newsletter to help people achieve the same.”


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“I usually earn around $700-$1200 per month from content writing online. Mainly popular science articles.”


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“I’m a lawyer that writes litigation correspondence on contract in my spare time. $1000 for a demand letter, $250 for a complaint. I make $1,500-2,500 a month extra on top of my main job at a nonprofit.”


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“Put out a flyer to a 55+ community for maintenance such as landscaping, power washing, that type of stuff. I do this on the weekends, and combining this with my full-time apartment remodeling job, I’m making a little under 10k a month and graduated high school a month ago.”


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“Yes, although it’s my main hustle now. I sell digital products and design services mostly on Etsy and a couple of other sites.”


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“I easily make over $1000 a month doing data annotation and working very minimally outside of my full-time job.”


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“Blogging in combination with affiliate marketing in two niche markets (automotive & online marketing). You need to search for affiliates with recurring commissions or with high commissions.

Doesn’t take much effort (4-8 new blogs a month). Earnings: 1.500 – 3.000 a month. Affiliate marketing is a better option than advertising (Google Adsense). You don’t need as many visitors.”


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“Making around 7-10k/m on YouTube, took a few years to get there, and I just started with my phone as the camera.”


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“I develop web 3.0 Apps and sell some hardware products via a website. I do 10-15k monthly, and the freelancers I’m cooperating with are getting 50€ for every sale, and with 20 sells per month, you earned your 1000€ bucks.”


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“Options trading. You either hit 500 in a week from 100$ or lose it all. There’s an in-between, but those are the people who have lots of money already, so they make less risky plays which in turn creates fewer rewards.

Gains are gains, though; if you keep them, you can keep playing, and your rewards will grow over time!”

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