Speaking of Asian Americans, there are WAY TOO MANY famous personalities who’ve made it big in the US all by themselves. And for all the right reasons. Who comes to your mind first? Don’t forget to tell us!

A user recently asked on a popular forum, You’re asked to name a famous living Asian American. Who comes to mind first? Following are some interesting responses we didn’t want you to miss: 


Steven Yeun

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“Steven Yeun, I know him from The Walking Dead.” Said one. 

“As a fellow Korean American, I was so proud to see him in the walking dead. He owned that role, and when he died, I just stopped watching. I couldn’t see the show without Glen” Another added. 


Ken Jeong

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“He looks a lot like that keytarist from that band in the early 90s that America wasn’t ready for yet.”

“He’s like the top 3 of my favorite actors in Community, which is one of my fave tv shows, so of course he’d be MY go-to.”


George Takei

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“I also thought of George Takei, not because he’s on my mind often, but because the question emphasizes race. I associate George Takei with his race more than other Asian Americans simply because he is known for being part of the frontier of Asian American presentation in popular media.”

“George Takei is 1st on my list. I just watched a YouTube video about his very early appearance in an episode of Twilight Zone.  Weird timing.”


Margaret Cho

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“Love her. She was so influential for me as a young feminist obsessed with comedy/comedians.”

“My friends and I escorted her when she was the Celebrity Grand Marshal of San Francisco Pride in 2000. We also appeared briefly in her movie “I’m The One That I Want”.” 


John Cho

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“I have adored John Cho since he was in this early 2000s show called Off Centre. Such a cutie.”

“He was my first thought! John cho is lea legend, and i enjoyed his portrayal of Spike.”


Yo-Yo Ma

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“Had to scroll too far to see a non-actor on this list.  As cool as it is to see Asian American actors having success, there are far more Asian Americans that have achieved far greater success that don’t get the attention or notoriety.”


Lucy Liu

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“This is my answer. Mostly because I’ve been rewatching Ally McBeal.”

“Lucy Lui was my first thought, followed by Sandra Oh.”


Daniel Dae Kim 

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“My first thought he was great on Lost!”

“That man has THEE strongest jaw. And he ignited the thing I have for Asian men.” 


Michio Kaku

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“This man is a legend!!!

Michio built a 2.3 MeV “atom smasher” for a science fair in his parents’ garage. Using scrap metal and 22 miles of wire, he created a magnetic field 20,000 times stronger than Earth’s and collisions powerful enough to produce antimatter.”

“This was the first name i thought of too.  Followed by Ichiro Suzuki and Shohei Ohtani” 


Tammy Duckworth 

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“Tammy Duckworth is the first one who comes to mind for me.”

“I was hoping she was gonna Biden’s VP before he announced who he chose. Total letdown.” 


Ming-Na Wen

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“I’m surprised I had to scroll this far down to find her, but maybe that’s just because I watch a lot of Marvel and Star Wars lol. That, and she’s the OG Mulan.”

“She is so fine. I love how in her acting roles she rarely smiles, but if you follow the Instagram, she is all smiles and completely gorgeous.” 


Ke Huy Quan

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“The most wonderful, positive, wholesome man! I wanna give him a big old hug!”

“He is a ray of sunshine in human form.” 


Jeremy Lin

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“For whatever reason, I always think of Jeremy Lin. I’m not even a big sports guy”

“He’s a relatively strong voice in the community pushing for better treatment of Asian Americans. Could be that.” 


BD Wong

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“I feel he is chronically under rated.

If I could make a movie it would star him and John Malkovich uncovering a New England neighborhood crime wave after a big Mormon family moved into the perennially unmaintained house.”

“Oh, love him! He was so much fun in Gotham as Strange. He always looked like he was having a blast whenever he was on screen.” 


Bobby Lee

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“Honestly, shocked this is so low; Bobby Lee is like the godfather of Asian American celebrities!”

“One of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life.” 


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