Remember the days of floppy disks and dial-up internet? It was a time before smartphones and social media, where our understanding of the world was shaped by limited information and vivid imaginations. As children, we absorbed “facts” like sponges, often accepting them without question. But time and progress have a way of unveiling the truth, sometimes shattering those childhood beliefs we once held dear.

Here are 15 “facts” you likely believed as a kid but have since been debunked:

Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

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This age-old myth has existed for generations, causing many of us to avoid cracking our knuckles sheepishly. However, research has shown that there is no correlation between knuckle cracking and the development of arthritis.

While constant cracking might lead to minor swelling, it does not cause degenerative joint disease.

A user added, “When I was first diagnosed with arthritis, my mum said it was because I cracked my knuckles all the time it took her a while to catch on.”, another added.

Not Going To College Means You Can’t Fetch A Decent-Paying Job

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While a college degree certainly opens doors and offers valuable skills, it’s not the only path to a successful career. The modern job market is booming with diverse skilled trades, entrepreneurship, and freelance work opportunities.

Many individuals without college degrees have carved out successful and fulfilling careers, proving that there are multiple paths to financial security and satisfaction.

A user said, “You’re gonna end up working a minimum wage job if you don’t go to college.”

“I quit college, make more than many college grads, and just work for Walmart. I out-earn teachers!”, another added.

Cold Blooded Dinosaurs

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For generations, dinosaurs were depicted as lumbering, cold-blooded creatures. Recent discoveries, however, suggest that many dinosaurs were likely warm-blooded, allowing them to maintain a high metabolic rate and remain active.

This new understanding paints a different picture of these prehistoric giants, showing them as energetic, agile creatures that possibly even displayed parental care.

A user added, “Oh yeah! I think they simply didn’t know better/couldn’t prove it. But I remember reading an article about Ichthyosaurus and them mentioning some were likely warm-blooded. Cool stuff. Never realized that it contradicts childhood learning.”

Blood Is Blue Until Exposed To Oxygen

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While it may seem like veins carry blue blood, this is an optical illusion. Human blood is always red, regardless of its oxygen content. The red color comes from hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that binds to oxygen. Deoxygenated blood in veins is just a darker shade of red, not blue.

A user said, “Yup, I was taught this as well. One day it occurred to me to wonder why I never saw blue blood when I or anyone else got a cut.”, another added.

Playing With Computers Is A Waste Of Time

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Remember the warnings about “square eyes” and neglecting your homework? While screen time moderation remains important, computers have become essential tools for learning, communication, and entertainment.

From coding to online courses, the possibilities are endless, proving that playing with computers can be anything but a waste of time.

A user added, “Playing with computers wastes time and won’t lead to a career. Said to me by a very old, bitter teacher. 25 years in IT and counting.”

Glass Is A Liquid

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This one might sound crazy now, but many of us believed it as children. The slow movement of glass over long periods might have led to the misconception, but glass is an amorphous solid. Despite its gradual deformation over time, it doesn’t flow like a liquid.

A user said, “Glass is a liquid, which is why old windows look droopy. I was definitely in my 20s before I learned that wasn’t true.”

Neurons Can Never Regenerate

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For years, we believed that our brains were fixed and neurons could never grow back. However, recent research has shown that the brain has a remarkable capacity for neuroplasticity, allowing for the creation of new neurons throughout life. This opens up exciting possibilities for recovery from brain injuries and neurological diseases.

A user said, “Neurons can never regenerate. This was from my then-one-year-old anatomy and physiology textbook, and my private Catholic school took – and still takes – its science seriously; we never talked about creationism or the divine influence on our natural world, not to mention our solid AP Physics and AP Chemistry scores.

It turns out that the peripheral neuron system actually can regenerate; as of now, it doesn’t seem that the central nervous system has much in the way of that capability.”

Only A Few Dozen Viruses And A Few Hundred Bacteria Types Exist

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As a child, you might have imagined a limited world of germs, easily conquered by our immune system. However, the truth is much more complex. The number of viruses and bacteria existing is staggering, far exceeding our initial beliefs.

Estimates suggest around 10 quintillion (10^18) individual viruses on Earth. That’s a number so large it’s difficult to comprehend! And those viruses come in a staggering variety, with over 200 million different types identified to date.

We Can’t Always Have A Calculator Around

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There was a time before technology when it was believed that mental Mathematics is an essential skill since we won’t always have calculators around but look at what the technology has done to us.

A user added, “That we wouldn’t always have a calculator. Got a whole computer in my pocket now!”

Columbus Was The First European To Step Foot In The New World

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Historians have challenged this widely held belief for decades. Evidence suggests that Vikings, including Leif Erikson, explored North America centuries before Columbus’ arrival in 1492.

A user added, “Columbus was the first European to enter the new world. Once, I found an old textbook that stated this. This was before the discovery of the Viking settlement in Nfld.”

Inflation Was Caused By People Wanting A Raise

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Blaming inflation solely on individual wage demands oversimplifies a complex issue.

While wage increases contribute, inflation is influenced by various factors like government spending, interest rates, and global market fluctuations. Understanding these interconnected elements is crucial for navigating economic realities.

A user said, “I was taught in University introduction to economics that inflation was caused by…’ people wanting a wage increase or a raise from time to time.”

People Only Use 10% Of Their Brains

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Neuroscience has debunked this myth. While different brain regions specialize in specific functions, all areas are active and contribute to thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This underscores the intricate workings of the brain and the potential for continued growth and development throughout life.

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