We all have things that send shivers down our spine and make our skin crawl. Whether it’s spiders, heights, or public speaking, these personal hells can vary wildly from person to person.

While some fears may be universal, others are deeply personal and unique to each individual. Today, let’s delve into three scenarios that would make personal hell come alive for most people. Are they relatable? Let’s find out.


public bathroom
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Imagine this: you’re trapped in a situation where access to a bathroom is limited or nonexistent. No porcelain throne, no running water, just the harsh reality of nature’s call waiting to be answered. This scenario is a recipe for anxiety and discomfort and a nightmare for many. 

A user added, “Being somewhere for an extended period without a bathroom.”


Young friends having barbecue party, outdoors
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Small talk, awkward silence, and forced smiles are the hallmarks of a party filled with strangers. The pressure to engage in a conversation with unfamiliar faces drains the energy of people, especially introverts, and leaves them feeling overwhelmed.


Young upset man begs his woman to listen to him but she listens to music with headphones posing on a white background. Misunderstanding and unwillingness to engage in dialogue
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Have you ever encountered someone who monopolizes conversations, making everything about themselves?

Listening to someone drone on about their achievements, opinions, and latest exploits without any interest in engaging in a two-way dialogue is a form of social torture. It leaves the other person feeling unheard, unvalued, and ultimately, frustrated.

A user added, “Being forced to hang out with someone who only talks about themselves.”

Another user added, “Talks about themselves 90% of the time, and on that 10% of the time when you talk, they goof around and try to crack dumb jokes to cut you off and bring the conversation back to themselves.”


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Imagine living near a construction site or a noisy bar, with the constant din of drills, hammers, and drunken revelry plaguing your every waking moment. This would be a nightmare for anyone seeking peace.

Constant noise at crowded places, pubs, and discos is also troublesome for many.

A user added, “I can’t stand it, and it’s even worse when crowded. Or loads of conversations happening around me at once. They naturally collide, but when either happens, I struggle to focus or think properly.”


Postpartum Depression Concept. Portrait of tired African American woman sitting with her small black kid on bed at home, feeling headache, touching forehead with hand. Exhaustion And Parenthood
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As parents, our children’s well-being is paramount. Seeing a child in pain, whether physical or emotional, is heart-wrenching and can feel like a living hell.

A user added, “Watching my child writhing in pain and knowing there’s nothing I can do about it.”


Close-up photo of a sad african american young woman. Brunette bored at home, tired or stressed. Upset girl sitting on the sofa, having a headache or feeling depressed
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The constant struggle to remember usernames, passwords, and security questions is an annoyance we’ve all experienced. It’s a never-ending cycle of frustration, especially when technology doesn’t cooperate.

A user added, “Reset link sent to your email. No, you can’t use one of your last ten passwords. Think of a better one, no, that doesn’t match.”


Happy young shopping woman with laptop, shopping bags holding a credit card and a red shoe - isolated
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Aimlessly wandering through stores, buying things you don’t need and will likely never use, is a surefire way to feel empty and regretful. This consumerist trap can leave you feeling lost and disconnected from your values.

A user said, “Shopping with no apparent purpose/goal. My wife and I do not shop together at all. She is a browser. I am a grab it and get out person.”


woman eating chicken wings
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A noisy eater can be incredibly irritating, whether it’s the aggressive chewing, the slurping of soup, or the constant smacking of lips. It’s hard to relax and enjoy a meal when every bite accompanies a symphony of unpleasant sounds.

A user added, “I have misophonia, so being stuck in a room with a noisy eater is my hell.”


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Losing a partner is one of the most challenging and painful experiences a person can endure. The grief can be overwhelming, leaving a gaping hole in your life and a constant feeling of emptiness.

A user said, “Figuring out how to live without my wife of 25+ years.”


The famous beach of Varadero in Cuba with a calm turquoise ocean
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Living in a hot and humid area can be unbearable for those who thrive in cooler climates. The constant sweat, the inability to sleep comfortably, and the overall discomfort can make daily life a chore.

A used said, “I was born and raised in Texas, and the heat is unbearable. We’re halfway through September and still in the high 90s/low 100s. It’s not going to get cold until January.”


DHAKA, BANGLADESH - FEBRUARY 22, 2014: Busy traffic at the central part of the city on February 22, 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka is one of the most overpopulated cities in the world.
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Hours spent crawling along congested roads, surrounded by frustrated drivers and toxic fumes, can be a recipe for stress and anxiety. This daily grind can feel like a never-ending nightmare.

A user said, “I have an absolute phobia of being stuck in traffic because of how claustrophobic it feels. I live right by a busy motorway in the U.K. My junction crashes daily because of the smart motorway they built there. Every. Damn. Day. There’s traffic, and I cannot with it anymore.”


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The throbbing, debilitating pain of a migraine can be truly debilitating. It can make working, socializing, or even relaxing impossible, leaving you feeling helpless and trapped.

A user said, “I get migraines. I had a 6-month continuous migraine that I couldn’t go to the doctor to see as in Canada the COVID restrictions were so intense.”


Happy senior gray haired woman sitting inside car, holding hands up. Freedom, road trip, vacation
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Feeling trapped and dependent on others for transportation can be incredibly frustrating, especially in social settings. The fear of missing out and the lack of control can be a major anxiety trigger.

A user said, “I won’t go anywhere without transportation now. Being unable to leave any situation when I want to is a personal hell.”


Relationship problems. Angry senior man arguing with his wife at kitchen, mad spouses shouting at each other and gesturing, having difficulties in marriage, side view
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Nothing is more infuriating than being surrounded by people who feel entitled to lie and manipulate others. The lack of trust and genuine connection can create a toxic and unbearable environment.

A user said, “Being constantly surrounded by dumb, closed-minded, and arrogant liars.”


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For those who are introverted or sensitive to loud noises, the sensory overload of a crowded music festival or nightclub can be overwhelming. The jostling crowds, flashing lights, and blaring music can be a recipe for sensory overload and anxiety.

A user said, “A crowded, hot, and noisy place that primarily serves alcohol. Any music festival or nightclub.”

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