Are there certain behaviors that women may inadvertently exhibit, hoping to attract men, but which actually have the opposite effect?

A netizen recently asked, “What is something that women think turns men on, but it actually turns you off?”. Below are the top responses.

Pretending To Be Stupid

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“Pretending to be stupid. My first girlfriend did it all the time and it was really annoying.”


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“Just got a flashback: baby-talk. Nothing more of a turn-off than trying to talk like Shirley Temple during intimacy. It’s only happened twice, but one of them said guys always loved it!”

Lip Injections

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“Lip injections…I’m not attracted to dolls.”, said one.

“Exactly this!! What is wrong with women doing this!! It’s ridiculous and looks awful.”, another added.

Being Coy

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“Being coy. So annoying. Say what you want.”, said one.

“Couldn’t agree more. Goes for me as well with men. Say what you mean and mean what you say.”, another added.

Pictures With Silly Filters

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“I swipe left on every woman using an obvious filter on a dating app. I’m posting pics of my naturally ugly face, the least you could do is post a pic without a filter!”

Saying One Thing And Meaning Another

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“Saying one thing and meaning another. If I’m confused about how you feel towards me, I move on. About half the women who do this end up getting angry/frustrated with me leaving them behind because they thought I would keep pursuing them despite their nonsense games.”

Overly Done Fake Tan

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“Overly done fake tan. I’m Scottish. I expect people to be mostly translucent (unless of course, they are from an ethnic background). Orange is not a natural skin color for Scotland.”

Acting Meek & Submissive

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“My wife likes to act helpless at times, thinking it makes me feel more manly or some similar nonsense. No, I do not feel more needed or masculine because you ask me to drive home from work for an emergency just to find out you wanted me to pick something up that weighs 20 lbs or unlock a door for you because you ‘forgot’ how a skeleton key works.

It just makes me feel like you don’t respect my time and it annoys me.”

Playing Games Or Having An Attitude

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“There are way too many guys in my area that like when women have an attitude so to speak. They find it hot. I don’t. If you’re going to be a jerk then I’m gonna be a jerk as well. Simple.”

The Whole ‘Daddy Thing’

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“The whole ‘daddy thing’.”, said one.

“That always confuses me. Never made any sense. Now I have a little girl and she calls me ‘daddy’ all the time, so it would be a complete turnoff.”


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“For me, twerking. I find it trashy.”, said one.

“Twerking is trashy. One hundred per cent. I will never understand why people find it attractive.”, another added.

Long Nails

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“Long nails, that’s just plain nasty. How do you clean your butt and do the everyday chores? Not to mention you couldn’t even get the full function of your hands”

Being Insincere

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“Being insincere. I’ve had girls try to act louder, funnier, or chiller than they really are to impress me. I’ve also had girls lie about what type of relationship they want or what their hobbies are.

I can usually tell right off the bat when people aren’t being straightforward with me and if I can’t, I find out eventually.”

Why lashes

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“Why lashes, look like a caterpillar, honestly I believe they do that to impress other women.”

Fake Moans During Intimacy

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“For me personally, a big one is purposely exaggerating your moans.”

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