There is a balance to be struck between frugality and enjoyment. Frugality can help us save money and achieve financial security, but it can also become excessive and harmful if we let it.

In this article, we explore a few instances when frugality goes too far and becomes too cheapskate. 

1. Asking Or Forcing Others To Pay For Parties

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“Throwing a party, inviting your close friends over early to help set up, then taking them with you to the store to “contribute” to the food and drink budget.” said one.

“I got invited over to dinner with friends. Brought some beer, had a nice meal, and then after we had eaten, they asked everyone to contribute $5.” another added

2. Hygiene And Reuse

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“I draw the line at unsanitary. For example, re-using things not meant to be re-used.” said one.

“Multiple people here have tried to convince me it’s okay to wash and reuse a Ziploc bag that previously held raw meat. Not only is that disgusting, but my time is worth more than washing meat juice out of a Ziploc bag” said another. 

“I’ve reused ziplock bags, depending on what was in them… Pretzels, for more Pretzels tomorrow? Fine. Anything sticky or messy, then no.” said another.

3. Neglecting Clothes For Young Relatives

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“When my cousin was a baby, my aunt would not buy him new clothes on purpose. This poor little 5-10 year boy would walk around with short T-shirts and short pants. Up to his ankle, sometimes up to his knee .” said one.

“My friend did this. Her son would walk around in his sister’s pink sparkly shoes, not by his choice. New shoes are a couple bucks for toddlers.” another added.

4. Returning Rotten Produce For a Refund

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“My brother’s partner takes rotten fruit n veggies back to the store a week later for a refund, I could never do that.” said one.

5. Payment Excuses During Dates With Girlfriend

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This behavior, often called “forgetting the wallet,” is a common tactic for avoiding paying for things during dates. It can create tension and distrust in the relationship, leading to negative outcomes.

“Finding every excuse on why you can’t pay for things when you and your girlfriend go out. (Forgets wallet, etc)” a user said.

6. Toilet And Shower Restrictions

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A Redditor shares on frugal things where strict rules were enforced about flushing the toilet and showering. These restrictions may have impacted hygiene and comfort, potentially causing emotional distress for the children living there.

“When I was a kid, I was in a foster home where no one was allowed to flush the toilet unless they pooped. We were also only allowed to shower once every other day.” said one.

7. Neglecting Car Maintenance

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By avoiding oil changes to save money, this car owner put her vehicle at risk of engine damage. Neglecting car maintenance can lead to costly repairs and even total engine failure.

“Oil changes and car maintenance I knew someone who got a brand new car, never changed the oil because she wanted to save the $35 twice a year, and one day the engine just seized up and died.” a Redditor said.

8. Restaurant Discount Negotiation

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“Every time my dad gets the bill from a sit down restaurant he finds something to argue with the server about to try and get a discount. Like, no matter what, he questions something. It’s so embarrassing that I just typically ask to pick up the check now.” a user added.

9. Making Laundry Soap

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Not worth the time and effort. I did it for 6 months then I was done.” another added.

“I did this once years ago. It lasted 8 months. Our clothes started smelling horrible and I gave up and went back to store bought detergent.” another added.

10. Using Lost Socks As An Alternative To Store-Bought Pads

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This woman collected lost socks from the Laundromat and repurposed them as menstrual pads to save money. While this may be a frugal solution, it can be unhygienic and potentially harmful to health.

“I once saw a show where a lady would go to the Laundromat and collect all the lost socks and use them as pads so she didn’t have to buy pads. I’d say that’s too far.” a Redditor said.

These were a few incidents where Redditors see frugal crossing line. Do read about 19 Frugal Myths That Don’t Actually Save Money

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