As we get older, our bodies and minds change. We may become less tolerant of certain things, such as loud noises, crowds, or waiting in line. We may also become more cynical or critical of the world around us. While these changes can be frustrating, they are also a natural part of aging.

A user asked the forum, “What are y’all starting to dislike more & more the older you get?”. Read the top comments from the forum.


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“Having a job with a lot of responsibilities… There’s something to be said for jobs where you clock out at the end of the day & are done!

I guess I could just say – having a job. Didn’t plan well enough or early enough for that to be over yet, though.”


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“Large crowds and anything/anyone that is loud.”


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“Drama. Stay away from me.”


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“Driving. I used to love to drive when I was younger. Now I can’t stand it.’


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“Advertising in public spaces. Billboards, people handing out flyers, credit card hard sales on airplanes, etc. – quit invading the space I occupy.”


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“Folks that simply cannot follow simple rules like “you’re not the most important person in the world. Wait your turn like everyone else, “keep your hands and thoughts to yourself,” “don’t steal other people’s stuff,” etc.”


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“The idea of having a big friend circle 🙂 Quality over quantity any day.”


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“The internet. Googling is becoming less and less efficient, and more and more, I find I can’t find the answer to a question. Too much content has been built up over the years. Too many opinions and misinformation.”


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“Groups of teenagers in public”


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“Pranksters. It’s not funny anymore; it just disrupts your day.”


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“Seeing the doctor. I know I gotta go when something’s wrong, but sometimes it gets to be a little too stressful.”


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“Going places. I feel myself becoming more of a homebody.”


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“Not knowing how my day will go exactly. ‘Just go with the flow’ used to be fun, and now it sounds like a punishment.”


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“Sweets. They aren’t good anymore, and they kinda hurt multiple parts of me.”


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“Social Media, specifically the idiots that use it. Especially Twitter and Tik Tok are filled with the most delusional, degenerate freaks I’ve ever seen.”

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