Is there any excuse that is universally accepted at workplaces to take a leave without question?

A netizen recently asked, “What’s an excuse to get out of work that no one can get mad at?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses.

Getting Sprayed By A Skunk

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“I got sprayed by a skunk. I tried to go to work after showering with Dawn dish soap but my boss told me to go home. So I’d say getting sprayed by a skunk.”

Pseudo-Emergencies With Kids

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“When something is wrong with your kid. I’ve honestly thought about making up a kid just so I have an airtight excuse to cut out as often as my parent coworkers do.”

Stomach Bugs

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“Stomach bug is the best. You don’t get a doctor’s note for it, gone quickly and people do NOT want you spreading it.”

National Guard Reserve Training

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“National Guard reserve training. I only had one employee who ever needed the time off and I got the okay from my boss to credit him with extra PTO so he didn’t have to dip into the vacation hours he had saved up.”


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“I get cluster headaches so I agree! Ain’t no one working a job? When one of those starts, it’s more painful than childbirth! I usually hop in my tub at home, get in the fetal position and scream like I’m in the forest getting physically abused till it subsides!”

Jury Duty

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“Jury duty AND it usually lasts a month so can be used more than once in a short period of time.”

Period Cramps

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“Period cramps. All women support you and some men get uncomfortable when you talk about it.”

Pink Eye

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“Well, I know at my office if you say pink eye, everyone freaks out and tells you not to come to work. It’s very contagious.”

Abdominal Pain

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“As someone who used to work adjacent to human medicine and with plenty of physicians and med students, abdominal pain is incredibly hard to dispute. It can be anything from gas to a stomach bug to a ruptured appendix. It can be very acute or can last for a long time.”


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“Once when I was talking to my manager and in the middle of the conversation had to run to the bathroom and projectile vomit into the closest toilet nobody complained when I left.”

Being A Warm Body At The Hospital

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“Gotta be a warm body at the hospital. My mom gets pain shots regularly and the hospital pain clinic always needs a warm body to drive her home and the like. Nobody likes hospitals. No one is gonna be mad. I have to go to a hospital to watch over my mom.”


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“Diarrhea. No one wants to be around you when you have it and it can go away quickly.”

Positive COVID Test

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“Positive COVID test’ll get 5 days. You can pry the cartridge apart and carefully draw in the lines, snap them back together. Your supervisor won’t want you to bring it in to work as proof. Instant 5-day vacay.”

Car Trouble

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“I used to deliver pizza. Car trouble will always get you out of a shift even when you’re already clocked in.”

Death In The Family

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“Death in the family: If a close family member dies, you will likely be given a few days off work to grieve. This is a difficult time, and your employer should be accommodating.”.

Pet’s Illness/Death

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“Illness or death of a pet, especially if your co-workers have met the pet.”

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