While intelligence varies among individuals, it would be unfair to entirely blame those with lower cognitive abilities for their mistakes. A user asked the forum, “What’s something that only exists because of dumb people?”. Here are the top responses.


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“The tag on the curling iron says “for external use only.”


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“Detox shakes. If you have healthy kidneys, you’re just paying for expensive pee.”


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“Flat tummy tea and weight loss ointment/cream that melts off the fat on the areas you apply this stuff.”


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“Any redundant warning labels, i.e. (don’t drink bleach, etc.).”


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“Danger of death signs on all four sides of pylons.

If you’re old enough and able enough to climb a pylon but not smart enough to know there’s high-voltage electricity running through them. Then.

How many people have ever been deterred by the signs? “Let’s climb this massive metal frame with wires at the top! Oh, wait, high voltage danger of death. hmmmm, better not then.”


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“Casinos are so sad. I’ll stop in for the cheap buffets sometimes and see lots of bored retired people spending their money. A co-worker moved his mother-in-law to a semi-retirement village, and they have a bus that ferries people back and forth to the casino and she totally lies about how much she spends, where she’s been.”


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“Election results. The dumb vote has to be the single most powerful voter block.”


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‘One-sided mattresses. There used to be cushioning on both sides, and you would flip them periodically. Now, because of the requirement for extreme flame retardant materials, it’s cost-prohibitive to put it on both sides. If dumb/drunk/drugged people hadn’t been smoking in bed, this wouldn’t have happened.”


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“Horoscopes. It’s 100% made-up nonsense that I hear about on a daily basis. They might as well be talking about Pokemon like they’re real.”


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“Micro-transactions. They only exist because idiots keep buying them.”


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“Scam calls. They must make money, but they’re so transparently scams that the only explanation is that there are people who still fall for them.”


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Most religions were created as a way to explain things that were unknown. Then the ones who could read and convince others that they knew more were able to dominate the less informed.”


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“Influencers, only dumb people make them famous.”


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“Mythology. People believe in irrational things and don’t really want to validate the truth.”


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“Cryptocurrency. There are smart people profiting on it, but they’re only able to do so because of all the rubes who keep buying in despite it not being in their best interests.”


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“War, poverty, famine, misogyny, climate change, overly long work hours, big bombs, adapters needed to plug earphones into an iPhone.

These all exist because we’re too stupid to actually make a positive change, so we’ll just let inequality and hate run rampant and work ourselves to death rather than take responsibility for the kind of a world we’re all making by just letting things slide.”


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“Helmet laws. People really need the threat of a fine before they will wear a helmet to protect them against traumatic brain injury and death. Same thing for seat belts.”

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