Sometimes we make mistakes, and we vow to ourselves to never repeat them.

A user asked the forum, “What’s something you don’t think you’ll ever do again in your life?”. We’re sharing the most interesting answers from the forum.


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“Lining up early in the day at a concert with General Admission tickets so I can get to the front row. Then never leaving that spot for the entire concert so I can hold my spot while the main act performs.”


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“I did the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave, where it’s like a 6-hour caving adventure, and I’ll never do it again. I didn’t think I was claustrophobic, but crawling through spaces so narrow you have to lay flat on your stomach and shimmy your body with no room to even lift your head or turn around. Never again.

Some of the areas you crawl through are so tiny that they actually have height and chest circumference limits so people don’t get stuck.”


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“Heroin. I have been sober since November 17, 2018, and my life is better than it’s ever been.”


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“Feed my dog Puppichinos at Starbucks, his farts in the car after was death.”


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“Hopefully, chemo!

In remission for three years now, still going strong!”


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“Climb Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii. I took the legal route; there were several escarpments and super narrow trails. One bad step, and you can die up there.”


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“Skydive. Biggest rush, but once is enough.”


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“Get married. I lost my husband to cancer seven years ago when he was 48, and I was 45. I can’t imagine ever loving someone that much again.”


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“Ride a roller coaster. Y’all take care of your back because when it goes, your life choices are reduced.”


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Edit: I have not done it for over 30 years. I was hooked for a couple of years in Florida when it was everywhere and dirt cheap in the 1980’s. The thought of it now nauseates me.”


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“Go to a concert where I have to stand; I’m too old for that stuff. Please just give me seats.”


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“Lose myself while trying to make someone else happy.”


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“Smoking cigarettes.

I sometimes have dreams where I am smoking, but I never want to do it in reality again.”


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“Be a police dispatcher. I did it for two months. My coworkers were super annoying, but I found the job to be pretty easy up until I got a call from someone whose friend posted suicidal stuff online, and they were calling to do a welfare check.

A few months before, I was that person calling, and my friend ended up killing himself. I froze. Decided it was not for me. My coworkers, all being messy people, didn’t help. One was super racist against Asian people.

Anytime someone would have an Asian name after she got off the phone with them, she would either say, “They speak very good English” or “They don’t speak da English very well.”

A guy got shot and called 911 for help, and died on the phone with one of my coworkers. When she was describing the call to us, she was crying and laughing when describing the guy gasping for air and playing it out for us.

She also talked about all the times she drank and drove. I reported her to HR then a couple of months later; she was chosen as dispatcher of the year.”


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“Buy food without reading the nutrition labels. The amount of sugar in some things and salt is way higher than it needs to be.”

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