If I won a few million dollars in the lottery, but I decided to keep working, I would work as a teacher. I love learning and sharing knowledge with others. I also believe that education is the key to a better future for everyone. As a teacher, I would be able to make a real difference in the lives of my students.

Well, a netizen recently asked that question to a bunch of strangers on the internet and we need your answer too!

The Original Poster adds, “I am comfortable at my current job, but I would also love to instead work at a coffee shop or bookshop or plant store or get an entry-level job somewhere outside of my area of expertise simply to learn about other industries.”

Here are the top responses.


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“I would open my own bakery with my wife. We’re both bakers by trade.”

Crane Operator

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“For whatever reason, I’d try the crane operator. One of those way up in the sky with glass and air conditioning.”

Animal Care Volunteers

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“I wouldn’t work, but I would volunteer to feed the less fortunate and shelter animals.”, said one.

“I would open a senior end-of-life care center for dogs and cats. Like, if a dog gets dropped off at a shelter older than 10, they just come to me and my home. Would just smoke on the porch and read with my dogs.”, another added.

Book Store Guy

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“Part-time morning shift at the bookstore. Pay me peanuts, let me deal with books all morning. Go home and read.”


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“I would become a farmer. 99% of any crops I grew would be donated to food banks. It’s a mission that feeds the soul.”

Piano Teacher

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“I’m a professional pianist, which means my income comes from a mix of performing and teaching.

If I won the lottery I’d keep doing what I’m doing, but I’d love the freedom to only take jobs that really meant something to me, and only work with students that were really dedicated.”

Open A Plant Nursery

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“Plant nursery. I’d still run my hardwood flooring business but I’d have to find (this has been the hard part) 2 people to be able to do the physical work the EXACT same way I can.”

Full-Time Job At A Cannabis Farm

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“I’d work fulfill-time on my son’s cannabis farm. It would be my dream job!”

Woodworker Or Writer

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“I’m not sure this counts, but I’d pursue arts. I’m no artist, but I’d love to do woodworking or writing of some kind.

My life doesn’t permit me to chase those desires now, but I’d love to if time and money were no concern.”

Cat Sanctuary Owner

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“I’d work at a cat sanctuary. Actually, I’d open my own cat sanctuary.”

Personal Trainer For Kids’

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“Personal Trainer for kids’ fitness classes or Trail cleanup and maintenance!”

Music Teacher

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“I‘d love to teach kids how to record/mix/produce their own music.”

Food Truck Owner

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“I would open up a food truck. I’ve always had a passion for food and I thought going to the streets would be a nice way to retire/work.”

Philanthropy Classes

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“If I won enough to give some of it away I would start a philanthropy and figure out who I wanted to help, such as women and kids escaping abusive relationships or similar.”

Travel Business Owner Or Fitness Instructor

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“Start up a travel business or become a fitness instructor. Pilates or Dance! I love my current job but I sit a lot and it’s HIGH stress.

I wouldn’t leave right away, I would train a whole staff and contribute financially to make it the biggest and best ever, then I’d sit on the board for it.”

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