When getting a new job, it is hard to judge the sanity of the environment and people. But there are certain signs that indicate the nature of the job ad its environment. 

A user asked the forum, When looking for a job, what is a dead give-away that the place and job is a hell-hole to work for?  Here are the common responses. 


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“All the employees seem new to the job and it’s not a new company.”



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“I recently asked a potential employer: “Where can someone who works hard at this job be in five years?” I meant, “Is there upward mobility?”

His answer: “Hopefully, somewhere else.”



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“Any kind of telesales business. A lot claim they don’t have a high turnover of staff. Turns out it is a fancy way of saying, “WE LIKE LYING TO PEOPLE”.”



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“Be careful with anything that advertises as an “entry-level marketing position” – I interviewed for this position last year, which took place at a Starbucks where I paid for my own drink. It turned out to be door-to-door gas payment plan sales. They expected you to also do sales presentations in people’s houses. Er no.”



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“When the interviewer complains about their current staff, it’s a concern to me. If someone is going to air their dirty laundry when you first meet them, they are almost certainly a drama-queen manager.”



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“I saw several red flags during an interview that I wish I would have taken more seriously.

  1. If the guy that will be your supervisor does not have a basic understanding of the technical skills you will be using, you will be the victim of incompetent support.
  2. If the interviewers have to be rounded up and reminded of the interview while you are there, the place is disorganized.
  3. If they stall and look dishonest when you ask why there is an opening, you may find out later that they fired the last guy without a good reason.
  4. If the pay seems too low, and #1 is also true, they will not be able to appreciate what you do there. It will stay low.
  5. If the people working in the area you will be working in seem to be stressed and struggling, it may be that way every day because they are understaffed.
  6. If the supervisor seems shady and incompetent, he probably is.

“I took the job and worked there for three years. It was very stressful and challenging. But the skills I learned paid off on my next job, and I now have unlimited patience when working with idiots and neglected equipment. I am in a different world now that I have moved on.”



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“Best to check the facial expressions/body language of the people you pass. You can easily tell if a person is defeated/hate their job. Also, ask your interviewer if they enjoy their job. If they hesitate in their answer, then that’s an indication that it isn’t the greatest place.”



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“I once interviewed for a job (and by “job,” I mean “brick at the base of a pyramid scheme”). After being told that the pay was based solely on commission, I asked if there was any sort of base pay. Some sort of regular remuneration would make this position a job in the traditional sense of the word. In response, one of the interviewers leans across the table and says, “Tell me something, GoGoBamBam: Do you want to make fast money…or do you want to make smart money?”



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“Ask about the company culture and why the position is open. I had HR straight up tell me the major problems within the organization and what needed to be fixed so that the dept could function correctly. I accepted the job because the culture was a good fit for me, and I had the opportunity to get the dept functioning correctly.”



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“When everyone in the interview process wants to make sure you have a thick skin and don’t rattle easily… you should probably not take that job if you have any options.”



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“Any time you are interacting with a group of people at a potential employer and the ‘boss’ is talking, check out everyone else in the room. If they are looking down and trying to act like they aren’t there, that’s a huge red flag. The boss is either extremely dominating and won’t accept any opinion from anyone that contradicts his own, or he habitually messes up, and they are perpetually embarrassed for him.”



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“Unpaid training and/or you have to buy uniforms from them upfront. I’ve had both happen, and I just noped the mess out of there with a smile on my face.”



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“random buzzwords and extrapolate phrases like “unique opportunity”, “looking for a rockstar” etc. is always a red flag for me.”



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“Arbitrary, confining rules. I once interviewed for an editing job with UPS where I would literally be sitting at a desk for 40 hours editing manuals in a room that had no windows or carpet and was basically also a storm shelter. This job required a strict uniform. My brother currently works as a package handler for UPS and can wear whatever he wants. Why did the editing job require a uniform? What customers would I be interacting with?”



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“You interview in the boss’s office, and there is a plethora of security cameras, all watching the employees and none watching the customers.”


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