Before getting married, everything may seem perfect, but once getting into marriage life slowly, we will get to know all their toxic behaviors. 

A user asked the forum, Divorced People of FORUM, what red flag did you ignore before you got married? Here are the common responses.


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“If all their exes were crazy. My ex-husband’s newest ex-wife found this out and reached out to me this morning.”



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“Insisting on a wedding dress more than I could afford. Refusing to understand it was too much for me.”



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“I married my first wife extremely quickly. She wanted to get married, and I didn’t want to break up.

The day of my wedding, my friends asked me how I was feeling, and my response was, “Well, I can always get divorced. “

Don’t settle. Marry someone you really, truly love and can see spending your life with, your wife that you’ll still want to hang out with when you’re both old, fat, and infirm.

I’m remarried, and it makes a world of difference. When you’re with the right person, you know it. If you don’t know it, you probably aren’t with the right person.”



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“I enjoyed my time away from him more than time with him. I would get super depressed when I knew he was going to be home from work soon. I brushed it off as being “antisocial” or “independent.”

But now I’m with someone who I’m still excited to see every single day after seven years, and I’m still antisocial and independent.”



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“My gut feeling that I was marrying the wrong person as I was walking down the aisle.”



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“Not divorced me, but as a lawyer, I have been a bystander for a few marriage implosions.

One thing I know for sure: If you can’t sit down at the kitchen table and honestly go over the household finances together, you cannot remain married to each other. Not saying you have to actually do it, but you must be able to. People who can’t be open and honest with each other about money aren’t going to make it as a married couple.”



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“A few friends who knew her told me, “Don’t do it. She’s a liar”. In hindsight; they were totally right.”



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“Before we got married, his mom said, “If you ever get divorced, we will know it was because of him and not you.” Huge red flag, and all I thought was, “Wow, what a mean thing to say about your own son!”



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“Together for almost ten years, married for just over 1. From the outside, we were the textbook high school sweethearts, but no one sees behind closed doors.

When we got married, he changed. Suddenly he could demand anything of me because I was his wife. Like an object, something to be owned. Any problems we had and I tried to fix were met with ‘well, you married me like this’ with no effort to change.

It took the death of someone very close to me for me to open my eyes and see our relationship for what it was. I asked for space, and he went crazy. Locked me in the house for hours and got physical with me. Faked a suicide attempt. I had completely mentally checked out by this point and just wanted him to leave me alone.

It took for him to be arrested for assault twice and a restraining order for him to get the message and finally leave me in peace. Suddenly I wasn’t controlled anymore.

Never settle for someone so selfish and unwilling to work with you.”



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“Being lied to, telling me she was born in Saudi when she was actually born in Texas. Me: I’m dumb; it’s okay; people lie sometimes. puts palm to face in shame.” 


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