As gadgets and tools become increasingly sophisticated, we find ourselves evolving alongside them. It’s a thrilling, yet sometimes overwhelming, dance with change.

A user asked the forum, What has worsened over the last 15 years in the US?


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“Social media. It was fun to see pictures of your friends, plan events, and whatnot. Now it’s just a bunch of stupidity, fake news, and ads.”


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“Socializing in those years is one of the most essential things we learn. The idea of so many youths suddenly not socializing is scary to think about in terms of the future.”


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“All the Tech apps and companies that were supposed to change our lives.

Airbnb is expensive and not convenient, Amazon is all cheap overseas and fake stuff, Netflix is pricey and lost most of its content, so it’s just a bunch of useless originals, etc.

I guess these companies have to start making money eventually. Once they get a user base, it’s time to slowly clear away what made them cool.”


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“Late-night food and grocery shopping have disappeared since Covid.”


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“Tipping. I remember when it was customary to only tip for a few services. Dine in restaurants, hairdressers, barbers, and a few others. It seems like, after the pandemic, tons of places added that stupid tip screen where the “suggested” tip starts at 30%. Absolutely ridiculous.”


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“At least one of my favorite restaurants is gone. Borders Books is gone.

They used to have great Rom Coms in the past that they don’t anymore.”


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“The quality of most products. Companies realized if you never need to replace your products, they won’t ever make more money off of you.”


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“Disney movies. The Mouse was never exactly a cutting creative powerhouse, but Jesus Christ, if I have to watch the Disney adults I know to lose it over live-action Hercules or live-action Pocahontas as if there’s anything worth watching in a project like that, I’m going to scream.”


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“Healthcare. So many Boomer medical professionals are retiring, and not enough to replace them, Especially with Covid, massive burnout, and the system is basically gonna collapse this decade, especially if you live in a rural area.”


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“Produce. Cannot go a week without at least one of my vegetables going bad within a day of purchase.”


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“Student behavior in schools. And before you blame COVID, it was on the decline long before that. Students today are largely entitled, disrespectful, and have no idea how to function in society. Lying and cheating are okay as long as you don’t get caught.”


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“Appliances. My fridge, bought in 2016, makes terrible grinding noises, and I’ve been told it’ll just be cheaper to buy a new one.”


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“Housing costs in middle America.

It was always bad in big cities, but now everywhere is impacted by high housing costs, or at least more places.”


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“Americans are just about as negative and pessimistic as ever. Complainer culture has gotten out of control. You can meet Americans who live in a beautiful town, have a nice car, great friends and family, and they will still complain about their lives and make themselves seem like they are these poor victims of the American system.”


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“Airlines. They’ve been making things actively worse for decades and charging more and more for things that used to be standard. See reasonably-sized seats, the smallest bit of comfort, and checked bags. Hell, some mainstream non-budget airlines are even charging for carry-ons now.”

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