Some underappreciated jobs offer high salaries and excellent benefits. A user asked the forum, “What is the best job that people for some reason look down upon?”. Here are the top responses.


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“I’m a custodian in an elementary school, and I have encountered two types of people.

Those who know I make great money (for what I do, at least $ 30 CAD/hour), benefits, pension, dozens of paid sick days, weeks of paid vacation, and ironclad job security.

Then some think it’s low pay meaningless job for the knuckle-dragging smooth brains who are dirty creepers. There is no in-between, but fortunately, it tends towards the former rather than the latter.”


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“Garbage collectors make a decent living; in most cases, they have good benefits, and they are indispensable to society.”


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“Boring desk jobs with job security, ideally within a government agency. Good pay, some benefits, and very little actual work. The high-paced work environment is not for everybody.”


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“Fast food manager. Not the best job, obviously, but in an area where there isn’t a lot around unless you are highly educated, it’s not as bad as everyone makes it to be. Once you get to management, a lot of companies offer excellent benefits. Believe it or not.”


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“Sanitation workers. Actually went on a date with a girl a couple of months back who said that they get paid too much money for “such an easy job.”

Made me lose respect for her right away since these guys are working late hours, in the cold, in the heat, in snow, rain, etc, and they’re breaking their backs. It’s a very tough job.”


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“Bartenders can easily make between 50 and 80k a year in almost any city in the US and yet people making 30 or 40k think you need a ‘real’ job.”


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“Being a hairdresser was a pretty chill job. Good pay, very flexible hours, getting paid to basically chat with cool people all day while making them look good.

The downside was how many people think it’s a job for idiots, or it can’t possibly be your career (“but what ELSE are you going to do?” Was a common question I got from people who heard I was going to beauty school), or you’re poor and struggling.

One time, a coworker told a client she was taking her kid to some resort, and the client went, “Oh wow. You can afford something like that just playing with hair??”


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“Auto mechanics. My big brother was a genius in school. He received acceptance letters from big names. But he turned them all down and chose to be a car mechanic instead. He even convinced my mom of why he didn’t want to go to college in a very smart way.

“Do you want me to become a Doctor, Lawyer, or something? Because, supposedly, they get paid a lot of money? Well, I don’t have any love for either of those majors. I love cars.

It’s what I’m passionate about and have been doing (my dad is an Auto Mechanic, and my big brother has been helping him since he was 4!) my entire life. Besides, did you know that when a rich person hires me to fix their car? I actually get paid double what a Doctor or Lawyer makes? Plus, I’d rather get paid for doing what I love.”


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“I’m a restaurant manager, and people always feel sorry for me. I work 3 x 12 hr shifts which are hard, but I get four days a week at home. When I work, I don’t have to think about childcare, dinner, etc. I work in a very popular restaurant and make the same as my engineer degree husband.”


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“All the trades. Not many people want to be plumbers, but the boys make $80k easy.”


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“Working at the movie theater is surprisingly amazing, specifically at Megaplex.”


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“Pooper Scoopers… they clean up dog poop from people’s yards. Certainly not glamorous, but it can be a lucrative freelance business that lets you set your own schedule, work peacefully in solitude while listening to a podcast or whatever, and you can charge a lot for your time.”


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“Railroad. I’ve seen a man retired on a pension that I would need 5-6 more promotions to even get close to that wage.”

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