Can you understand and relate to the challenges that people of the opposite gender face?

A netizen recently asked, “What is something the opposite gender experiences that you have sympathy for? What are issues or experiences the opposite gender has or deals with that you feel sympathy for?”. We’ve compiled the top responses below.


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“They cripple my wife and all I want to do is help. I’ll never understand what she is going through but I’ll do whatever I can to ease her suffering.”

Unexpected Erections

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“Unexpected erections! I am easily excitable so I would be constantly embarrassed!”

Being Judged For Expressing Emotions

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“Being told they’re ‘less than a man’ when they experience emotions and get upset.”

Not Having Pockets

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“This is huge. When my girlfriend’s friends saw I could stick DVDs and later VHSs into my front pockets, they got annoyed. My rear pockets were bigger than their front two combined.”

Not Having Close Friendships Where They Can Talk Their Heart Out

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“I feel bad that a lot of men feel like they can’t have close relationships where they can talk about their problems/feelings freely. I can’t imagine living life without my close friendships, platonic love is what keeps me sane.”

Having Significant, Indirect Social Pressure

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“I think women have significant indirect social pressure to look good. Make-up. Clothes. Weight.

They really do get a lot of judgment from people.”


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“I saw an article on Cracked about childbirth and what it does to a woman’s body. I was shocked. Boy, I’m glad I was born a man.”

The Need To Act Friendly

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“Women having to put on a friendly demeanor when guys just aren’t taking the hint they’re not interested.”

Being Viewed Suspiciously For Interacting With Children

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“This may be a weird one, but… being viewed with suspicion if you interact with children that are not your own.”

Fear Of Being Overpowered By Creeps

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“I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be in fear of being overpowered by some creep. Like I’m sure there’s instances in both genders but I’ve never once felt like a creepy woman in an awkward situation could overpower and have her way with me.”

The Physical Insecurities

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“Pee-pee’s size insecurity and height insecurity for men. They catch flack from both men and women, and it’s strange they can’t change, like at all.”


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“Loneliness. Most men hide the pain fairly well, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. They’re lucky if they have one or two people who actually care about them.

All the government wants them to do is catch bullets in some stupid war that only benefits the rich, and when they come back with PTSD, they get a ridiculously small disability payment that can’t even cover rent.

There are also no support systems for the many male domestic violence victims. It’s sad, and it needs to change. No wonder their suicide rates are so much higher than ours.”

The Restricted Freedom

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“Not being able to walk anywhere alone without the fear of being harassed, stalked, or abducted.”

The Pressure To Have Kids

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“I can’t imagine my doctor asking me when I’m going to have kids. I know that women often experience pressure to have kids at even simple doctor visits (especially in Portugal- maybe elsewhere but I hear about it there because of family).”

The Dismissal Of Assaults

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“How when boys/men are sexually assaulted it’s made into a joke or somehow a good thing for them/generally dismissed.”

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