Most people don’t enjoying working a 9to5 job but just have to work in order to make ends meet. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you no longer have to work for money?

A user asked the forum, “If you could quit your job and pursue your hobby full-time with financial security, what hobby would you pursue?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


Wooden beam log cabin amidst lush forest
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“Woodworking. It is a very useful skill. You could craft stuff for yourself, redecorate your house, try to be innovative and create something new, make gifts to everyone you like.”


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“Growing hundreds of pepper varieties. I started growing a few plants and have slowly added to the amount every summer.

I get geeky about growth and getting maximum growth without using chemicals. I would love to have a small farm and just work it daily.”


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“Learn all the languages.”


tech writer
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“I would love to write all day, every day. It would give me time to make something that wasn’t a steaming pile of garbage.”


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“I would just travel, anywhere and everywhere. I would love to spend a year or more living in a place and then move on.

I would spend a lot of time near or on the ocean as well so I can scuba dive.”


Women at the wheel the car
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“Race car driver. No hobby is more financially insecure, so assuming that is taken care of… I can’t imagine anything better. As Steve McQueen said, “Racing is life, everything before or after is just waiting.”


Stylishcraftsman works with clay on a potter's wheel. Artisan production.
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“I’d open an art gallery/patisserie. I’d buy and sell local artwork. Talk about art all day. Eat macarons. Bake croissants. I’d die happy, for sure.”


2. wow excited
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“I would be a session guitar player or maybe even do some sideman stuff.”


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“I’d love to start my own little farm and sell stuff at a Farmer’s Market every weekend.”


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Voice acting.


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“Start a used book store. Collect rare/out-of-print books, learn how to restore/rebind the really old ones, and sell them along with regularly used books.

There will probably be an espresso machine, comfy couches and chairs, and a friendly dog.”


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“I’ll become a blacksmith. I love the idea of making swords, axes, armor, and all sorts of cool stuff. Also, I would love to open a restaurant. Both would be great.”


music teacher.
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“Music. I wouldn’t even care if I made a career out of it.

If I had the time, I could actually finish writing a damn song.”


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“I’d start a cat rescue. I could spend my life petting cats and making sure they get good homes.”


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“Photography, for sure. Exploring places would be crazy good.”


1. playing video games
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“By far, video gaming. There are so many games already, a constant influx of new games, and they are constantly evolving. Huge variety.

Games for when I want to be social and games for when I want to be left the hell alone.”

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