Poor management and customer service can ruin a business. But even after hitting rock bottom, some companies continue to run. Have you ever wondered how it is possible? 

A user asked the forum, “What company have you been shocked that they have not yet gone out of business ?” Here are the common responses.


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“On a Wednesday at around 2 p.m., I received a tap at my door from an elderly woman who wanted to show me a Kirby hoover. Additionally, it appears that door-to-door salespeople will still exist in 2023.”


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“Classmates.com is still trying to charge for what you can get for free on Facebook.”


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“Guitar Center, I worked for them for 13 years; they were on the brink of death the whole time.”


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“AOL’s 2022 revenue was $7.4 billion. AOL has 10,350 employees; the revenue per employee ratio is $714,975. I had no idea they were still in business.”


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“Wells Fargo, why anyone would still trust them with their money baffles me.”


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“Yahoo. They’ve been through a lot and are still staying alive.”


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“Applebees. Why are people going there, and why are people working there?”


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“Tim Hortons. It used to sell decent fare, but it expanded its food selection in 2006, got bought out, and took an absolute nosedive in food quality. The only people who seem to like it are younger Canadians with no memory of the ‘before’ times and newcomers to the country.”


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“Kohls. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kohl’s. But every time I go in there, it feels like 90% of the shoppers there are just there to return their Amazon package. Kohl has some pretty good stuff, so I hope they stay in business (mostly because they are so convenient for returns.”


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“Burlington. The place is Goodwill with clothes people haven’t worn yet.”


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“Macy’s. It’s one of my favorite stores, but it gets pretty depressing to shop there. You see, two employees on the entire floor. Products are often never organized, and the fitting rooms are even worse. 

Clothes drop on the floor, and no one checks how many clothes you wear or what you truly do inside. Some Macy’s are better, but many have been neglected. Feels like a complete ghost town.”


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“Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). They lowered their quality so much I can’t eat there.”


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“Subway. Quiznos and Blimpie have better sandwiches!”


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“Uber. After 14 years and $32bn of cumulative losses, they have only started to turn a profit this year.”


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“British chain Frankie and Benny’s. Shockingly bad food, cooked by people unfamiliar with the concept of taste, in the kind of atmosphere you expect from a motorway service. All for the bargain price of a lot of money.

So many casual dining chains have gone under over the last few years. How was Frankie, and Benny’s not one of them?”


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“Kmart and Sears. They’re on their last leg, and I’m going to be sad for them to go, but how there’s still two Kmarts left and a couple dozen Sears left is shocking.”


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“Best Buy. I thought they would have gone the way of Fry’s, The Good Guys, or RadioShack.”


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“Equifax. They could hardly be doing less to take data security seriously, yet they continue to exist as a for-profit entity with tremendous influence and no effective federal oversight.”


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“Carvana. They offered me $300 for a car I sold for $6k. They can get messed.”


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“Ticketmaster. We all know they’re corrupt. We all know they’re a monopoly. Nobody does anything.”


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“Hardees. The only time I ever see customers there is for their breakfast. I’ve never seen more than a car or two in the parking lot after 11 a.m.”


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“Party City. Huge stores with thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than ten people inside one.”


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“Panera bread. I went to Chick-Fil-A and Panera on the same weekend (busy weekend) and got nearly the same thing at each. Panera was twice as much. I was asked for a tip, waited forever to order and get my food, and I had to do all the ‘waiting’ myself.

Chick-Fil-A was half as much, no tip asked, and had extra employees taking orders, bringing you your food, etc.”


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“Burger King. I never see anyone inside them; the parking lot and drive-through are always empty. When was the last you or anyone you know ate there? How are they still around?”


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“Staples. The mismanagement and insane pay of the incompetent is outrageous. It is incredibly top-heavy, with mid to upper-level employees making $100k + bonuses who contribute $15k worth of actual effort.”

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