The internet is a vast and ever-growing resource, but there are still some things that are kept so secret that they’re not even online. These secrets can be anything from government classified information to corporate trade secrets to personal information.

A user asked, What is something you can’t find online?

1. Things That Don’t Take You To Pinterest

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“Idea results that don’t take you to Pinterest. *angry face*”

“I recently learned that when you’re googling something and put “-Pinterest” on end, none of the results will be returned from Pinterest.”

2. Software Problem-Solution

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“Every software problem I EVER encounter.”

“..Or worse, a post about the exact software problem you’ve encountered, but then the person goes, never mind, figured it out, without posting the solution.”

3. Actual Hot Singles In Your Area

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‘Actual hot singles in your area

‘There are plenty, it doesn’t mean they want you, though.’

4. Footage of Q-Tip

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‘Footage of Kurt Loder interviewing Q-Tip about his song “Vivrant Thing” and asking him to explain what the word vivrant meant.

Q-Tip proceeds to say it’s a certain quality of being fresh, young, beautiful, or something like that. Loder responds with, “so… vibrant?” And it was like it wasn’t until that moment after the video was out that Q-Tip learned he’d been misspelling vibrant.’

5. Deleted YouTube Videos

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‘Many old deleted YouTube videos, especially from when it first appeared. ‘The void of deleted YouTube videos is probably one of the biggest secrets in human history, ngl.

Thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of videos of all types and every description that will never see the light of day again and will forever remain a distant memory of those who first saw them all that time ago. I would wager at least 85% of every video uploaded to YouTube since it first launched in 2005 is now gone for good. That’s an incomprehensible amount.’

6. Video Games

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‘There’s a video game from my childhood that I rented once (from VideoStation, yup, getting old) that I only have the foggiest memory of. It was either an NES or SEGA game, and you were a wizard and had to go around and find items/solve puzzles to complete a quest. If it helps, I’m leaning toward it being a SEGA game

I’ve literally looked through Wikipedia’s entire list of NES and SEGA games both licensed and not licensed, and I can’t find anything that seems like the game I remember so poorly.

Help me, internet! You’re my only hope!’

7. Video of Abraham Lincoln

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‘A video of Abraham Lincoln. It doesn’t exist. Go look it up.’

8. A Tribute Song To Air Crash

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‘On November 28 1979, air New Zealand tourist flight to Antarctica crashed into the Antarctic volcano, mt Erebus, killing all 237 onboard. It was New Zealand’s most tragic air crash and the last commercial flight to Antarctica.

As a child, I listened to a beautiful tribute song to Flight te901 – it was on an Nz country western tape. I lost the tape, and to this day have been trying to find the writer, name, and actual song without avail.’

9. Movie Driven

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‘When I was a teenager in the early 2000s, I would go to church with my friend. One night they played us an indie movie titled “Driven”.

It was filmed with action figures and centered around a big race that multiple characters were in. Since this was shown in church, there were heavy religious undertones, such as the main character putting his faith in “the controller”.

Since it was also shown to a bunch of teenagers in middle school, there was also a lot of juvenile humor in it, such as two little girl dolls being eaten by a dinosaur and making fun of Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls.

I remember having the movie on DVD, but I have no idea what ever happened to it. Even though I’m not religious anymore, I still wouldn’t mind finding this movie and revisiting it. A sequel was made. But I’ve searched and can’t find any record of it online.’

10. Human Contact

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“Human contact.”

11. Video Of Donald Trump

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The video of Donald Trump on Oprah Winfrey’s show, where he says if he ever were to stand for election, he’d be Republican because they’re the dumbest voters.

Almost like he had it scrubbed from the net.

12. Song By Fury of the Storm

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‘An amateur/homemade music video for Fury of the Storm by DragonForce. It was a bunch of geeky teenagers larping around a forest fighting a green screen dragon. Probably around 2005 or whenever that song came out. Have been looking for it for like 10 years now and haven’t been able to find it. .’

13. Behind The Scenes of Price Is Right

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‘A very specific episode of Price is Right where they did a whole episode behind the scenes. It was so cool, but it seems to have been erased from the internet. All I can find is a short 30-sec clip and the date of which is Jun 4 2014 (I think). Weird.’

14. Baby Pictures of Your Grandparents

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You cannot find photos of your grandparents. 

15. A Hug

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While you can send an emoji, you cannot hug anyone.

16. Privacy

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On the internet, there is absolutely, no privacy.

17. Actual Prices From Vendors

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If you want to know a ballpark figure or a budget for vendors on the Internet, you just cannot. 

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