Many people consider moving away when they can no longer afford to live in the city they’ve called home for years. Have you ever felt the same way?

A netizen recently asked, “Have you ever moved out of your city or state primarily due to the cost of living?

If so, where were you and where did you go?”. Below are the top responses!

Massachusetts To Idaho

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“I moved from Massachusetts to Idaho almost 20 years ago now because I wanted things like a house and a yard that didn’t seem obtainable in the Boston area at the time.

I did get those things right away in Idaho, and in the years since my city of Boise has boomed and now I have hundreds of thousands of equity in a house.

It’s harder for young people now because there are fewer pockets of affordable cities that also have good job markets. We haven’t really had the big recession to reset everything as we did in ’08 (which allowed me to buy a house in Boise for $87k – that house is now worth $450k or so).”

Denver To PA

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“Looking to get outta Denver when my husband finishes school. Probably returning to PA since we have a way better shot at getting a house there.”

San Francisco To Oregon

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“I left San Francisco *more or less* because of the cost of living. I knew I would never, ever be able to buy a house if I stayed there, possibly not even in the outer suburbs.

I also disliked the mad max vibe in certain neighborhoods downtown, which is arguably partly a result of the cost of living, too.

I moved to a small city in Oregon where I had lived in the past, and which I really love. I am, alas, no closer to buying a house because it seems like everyone is really working hard to close the gap between here and SF when it comes to the cost of living.”

Nevada To California

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“Kinda. I moved back to California because Nevada was getting expensive enough that the extra cost of California started to look acceptable for the additional benefits.”

Manhattan To Long Island

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“Yes and no.

I left Manhattan for Long Island. I wouldn’t exactly say it was due to the cost of living but it was a big factor. I have a big house with a big backyard down the road from a private beach and private marina and I’m paying less than I did in Manhattan.

I’m very much a suburban guy.”

Los Angeles To The Providence Area

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“Moved from Los Angeles to the Providence area. I bought an entire house for what I had saved 20% down for in LA.”

Seattle To Raleigh

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“Yeah, I left Seattle in 2007 because housing affordability was out of control. I went to Raleigh and bought a great house in a great neighborhood that cost about 40% of what it would have in Seattle.”

Northern Virginia/DC Area To Northern Florida

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“Yes, moved from the oppressively expensive Northern Virginia/DC area to northern Florida in 2022. My DC-based job went fully remote some years earlier and I finally took advantage. Cost of living wasn’t the *only* factor but definitely a significant one.”

Northern Virginia To North Carolina

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“Yes. After I had a second kid in daycare in Northern Virginia ($400 per week, per kid), we decided it was not sustainable and moved to North Carolina.”

New Orleans To Tulsa

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“Our primary reason for moving from New Orleans to Tulsa was the cost of living and the quality of life and climate change which both did affect COL.

COL in Tulsa is a lot less and I got a salary bump since I could show salaries were higher in Tulsa than New Orleans. New Orleans pays very little even with the high COL. The first job I had there continually talked about us being lucky. We even had jobs since it was so competitive.”

San Jose To Southern California

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“I moved to San Jose and got evicted after 2 months for being unable to afford my rent. After that, I moved in with my uncle in Southern California. I’m still living with him.”

Portland To Southern Oregon

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“Moved from Portland to southern Oregon because I could buy a nice house on a big lot for the price of a small fixer in a not-so-great neighborhood.”

San Diego To North Dakota

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“Basically. I moved from San Diego to North Dakota. The cost of living is about 1/4 here. Plus, the job pays more.”

Boston MA To Central Maine

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“Yeah. I left Boston MA largely because it was too expensive. Also, I was never really much of a city person and hated traffic, but the biggest reason was the cost of living. I moved to Central Maine. There are cheaper places, but I had family in the area so it was the best compromise.

That was about 15 years ago.”

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