Women’s perceptions of male attraction often stem from preconceived notions and generalizations. These stereotypes may not always hold true, and women might be surprised to discover that men find a broader spectrum of qualities appealing than they initially believed.

The most effective approach to understanding a man’s preferences is to engage in direct communication. While this may appear intimidating, it is the most reliable method for gaining accurate insights.

1. Acting Cute To Get Away With Things

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This one got a lot of upvotes and sarcasm. 

“Acting like all your problems make you cute and quirky, so you hold onto them, like, “Lol, I’m so reckless I bought a $900 phone; why am I so bad at finances!?” added a user. 

“Omg, I just ate two cheesecakes after my doctor said I’m borderline diabetic; what a mess I am, lol!” added another.

“Hahaha, omg, I’m so bad at [thing that’s really important in life] lol, I need someone to fix my life for me because that’s cute.” said one.  

2. Asking Questions in Between Movies

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Uff.. we know this one is annoying.

“Asking questions about a show or movie neither of you has ever watched while you’re both watching it,” shared one.

“Who is that guy? Is he the killer? I don’t freaking know, Sarah; you’ve seen the same amount I have.” added another. 

3. Playing Hard To Get 

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“As soon as a girl would play hard to get, I immediately assumed they were extremely high maintenance and not even bother,” added one. 

“I hung out with a girl who played hard-to-get for a couple months. A group of people went out one night, and another girl showed total interest in me while the hard-to-get one ignored me all night. I took home the girl who showed interest, and the hard-to-get girl danced with my friend to make me jealous. Guess what? It didn’t work. I immediately stopped trying with a hard-to-get girl once someone actually showed interest. Too high maintenance. Not worth it at all,” said another. 

4. Stealing Clothes 

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“Stealing your hoodies/sweaters and not returning them.” said one. 

“Not cool, man. It is my hoodie.” said another.

“I’ve got decoy clothes for this very purpose,” added yet another. 

5. Refraining From Doing Something Because It’s a Man’s Job

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“Refraining from doing things because “that’s a man’s job.” It was so freaking hot when my girlfriend suggested we go get the stuff so she could change her oil because “how hard could it be?” said one. 

Another user shares, “Men aren’t used to living with those mental roadblocks, and it’s refreshing to hear that something pretty straightforward isn’t out of bounds due to gender.”

6. Acting Like You Like What He Likes

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“Acting like they’re “into” your hobbies or interests. I watched my Dad marry 2 different women who “loved hunting and fishing” too. 

The old man spent every free weekend in the woods or on the water. Those two women tagged along for 6-8 years, thinking they were good wives. Eventually, both of them grew to not only resent going with him. Still, they were angry that he never took them out or did anything else. 

I’m not saying he was perfect, but he was the honest one in those relationships. Don’t pretend; just be honest upfront. My chick has zero interest in most of my hobbies, and because I know that, I find other ways for us to spend time together. And I knew that from jump street, so no resentment or anger is bubbling under the surface, culminating in an angry divorce at some point.” shared a Redditor. 

7. Insecurity About Your Body

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“If we’re sleeping together, you’ve already won me over. No need to hide your stomach or try to cover your behind; most men are as insecure about their bodies as yours.” said one. 

8. Trying To Make Him Jealous

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“Girl, I dated another guy to make me jealous and temp me in trying to steal her from him. Wtf, no?” added one. 

“Telling me about how some guy flirted with her that day. I had a beautiful girlfriend, so I believed it happened. She’d present it like it was some hassle she had to deal with, but it was a humble brag. Making me jealous did not make her more appealing at the moment, and it annoyed me.” added another. 

9. Expecting To Fight For you

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“Insisting we “Fight for you.” So you publicly declared you prefer another dude. Still, you secretly want us to commit assault and battery on each other? Yeah, no. Bye.” added one. 

10. Not Initiating Intimacy

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“Personally, I hate when a woman doesn’t initiate any sort of intimacy or show any kind of interest in it. They say it’s because they want us to just “go for it,” but if it doesn’t look like you want it, the last thing I’m gonna do is “go for it.” said one. 

11. Asking For Surprise But Never Telling What You Like

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“TELL US WHAT YOU WANT! Whether it be food, sex, material possessions, or WHATEVER. This will build a list of things we KNOW you like and allow us to surprise you with similar items in the future.

It is so damn infuriating to constantly hear “surprise me” and then catch attitude for a week afterward when our surprise wasn’t what you actually wanted in the first place!

Should your partner know you well enough to surprise you with your favorite food/clothes? Yes. But only after they see what those things are.” shared one.

12. Baby Talks

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“Baby talk. I want you to sound like a woman, not a child. If your man wants you to baby-talk to him, then in your best baby-talk voice, you should say, “Bye-bye, Roy boy!” added a user. 

13. Eating From His Portion

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“Eating from my meal… that I ordered…in the portion… I wanted to eat. If you wanted fries, Darlene, you should have ordered fries!!” shared one. 

14. Showing Skin

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Sometimes women go overboard with showing skin. It is usually because they think it makes them look attractive. However, it starts to looking desperate.

15. Talking Bad About Others

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A lot of women think it is attractive and funny to talk down others, especially women. It is not attractive and highlights your insecurity. 

16. Being Too Touchy

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While some men do like it, most do not appreciate getting too touchy.

We hope you loved this Reddit discussion and that it opened your eyes to what men really want. Any additions? How do you feel about these revelations?

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