Most people follow the crowd. They do everything popular without giving a second thought. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s a bad product people buy because of great marketing or mass manipulation?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Those thin gray rings that ‘absorb your negative energy and break when there’s too much’ when it’s just made of brittle material. I think it’s Hematite, but I can’t remember.”


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“Beats headphones. They’re okay, but you can get headphones with way higher audio quality for the money. But their marketing is everywhere.”


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“Diamond jewelry. Completely useless, yet it’s an $87 billion global industry.”


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“Tylenol and Advil, the generics of each, are the same compound but at a fraction of the price.”


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“Almost anything from the ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Diet’ industries. Supplements, superfoods, non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), and gluten-free (unless you have Celiacs) are virtually useless.”


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“NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), they go for thousands of dollars for what, a worthless monkey.”


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“99% of branded clothing. They’re often poor quality and just optimized for profit. We all know what that means.”


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“Bottled water. I can’t think of any single-use water bottle marketing. Yet they are everywhere.”


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“Tiffany. I went into the store to buy a pretty pricey gemstone ring that looked spectacular on the website. They didn’t have it on display, so the sales representative pulled it from the drawer. 

It was in a dime bag, shipped just like costume jewelry. Seeing it like that made me realize it’s all the same when it comes down to it. Sits on your finger and, in its function, totally worthless.”


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“Smile Direct Club. I’ve always wondered about those products. Kids have had braces for years, but a plastic liner has you straight in 6 months. Don’t know anyone who uses them, but that product smells fishy.”


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“Cloud-connected home security systems. You’re surveilling yourself and your neighbors for Amazon/Google/whoever and paying them for the privilege.”


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“Twizzlers. It’s tasteless plastic. Whatever the marketing department earns is worth it because that product should have died decades ago.”


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“Toilet paper. We should be using three seashells by now.”


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“Patron. I’ve been a bartender for 10+ years, and it’s a terrible tequila that people use to show how much money they have.”


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“Iphone charging cables! I think they are purposefully designed to stop charging, so you will have to purchase another.”

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