We all have things that we think we’re good at. But sometimes, our self-assessments can be a bit off. There are many things that we think we’re good at but are probably not.

A user asked the forum, “What’s something that lots of people BELIEVE they’re good at, but few people are?”. The top comments are so interesting!


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Customer Service. It’s an actual skill that deserves way more respect, for the record: I suck at customer service, and I know it.”


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“Writing. Also, editing. See, we have such good things to say, and the words just start tumbling out of us, and we’re not very good at being very coherent, not in a first draft anyway, and we just ramble on and on and end up with a big wall of text that might have something useful in it but let’s face it probably doesn’t, but at the very least needs some aggressive trimming.”


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“Driving. Everyone thinks they’re above average. Very few actually are. Things like camping in the passing lane, zipper merging, and using turn signals are alien to many people you would think to know better!”


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“Reading people’s personalities. Everyone always believes they’re a great judge of character.”


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“More like what a lot of people think they have: emotional maturity. #1 example: my father. I’ve never seen anyone more confident about their ability to know other people and themselves 100% quite like him.”


jerks king
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“Dancing if TikTok is any indication.”


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“Jamming. People aren’t all that good at communicating, listening, improvising appropriately, and keeping time at the same time on an instrument.

Plenty of casual jams are great fun nonetheless, but people act like they’re great at jamming when it’s often someone else making them sound good.”


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“Photography. Buying a DSLR doesn’t automatically make you qualified to charge money for crappy senior portraits.”


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“Management in general, people believe they could manage a restaurant with no problem, but even that simple of a task will be done poorly.”


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“Cooking. Hence the phrases “let me cook” and “who let them cook.”


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“Being a school administrator. They all think they’re experts but they reveal their true selves just a few months into the school year.”


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“Workplace leadership. Many people confuse being lucky (e.g. right workplace, right co-workers, right higher-ups) with being a good leader.

Your ability as a leader will go down real quick at the wrong place and by working with people who don’t click with you or outright sabotage your job.”


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“Sports. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met have said, “I could’ve been an awesome football/basketball/any sports player at [insert Division 3/small college here], but I’d rather do [such and such] than be there”

Every college has good athletes. 99% of people who say this wouldn’t have got off the bench, but they are internally convinced they would’ve been top dog.”


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“Empathy for anything not personally relatable to the person or persons complaining about something.”


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“Multitasking, although it’s not something that anybody is actually good at. Some are just less bad at it than others.”


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“Handling their traumas and issues without getting help professionally.”


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“Communication and reading comprehension. You never notice unless you’re legitimately good at both yourself, and then, you notice real quick how people who believe they’re wonderful communicators and value discussion and love reading and learning cannot decipher even the most simple sentences or try to understand what they want to be done is like a codex.”


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“Being a good parent. Most of them are garbage at it. You wanted that thing, now make it presentable in public.”


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“Listening. I have a friend who said she wants to be a therapist one day because she’s such a good listener. As soon as you start to go into a topic she’s particularly interested in, she interrupts and then just starts going on and on and eventually changes the subject without even letting you speak on it at all.

She doesn’t seem to understand the difference between talking to someone and talking to them. You wouldn’t believe how common this is in people.”


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“Cooking pasta. We think we’re good, but we’re not Italian good.”


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“Teaching. Any subject. Not even talking about a classroom setting now, but just instructing someone on how to do something that requires at least a few hours worth of teaching time. It’s a hell of a lot harder than it looks.”


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“Coding.” Thank you for entering the annual coder ranking challenge. I warn you now that internet access is being disabled for the duration. Good luck without copy and paste!”

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