Most children and even adults are obsessed with games. Because of their blind obsession, they waste a lot of money. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s one of the biggest wastes of money in gaming.” Here are the top responses. 


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“Physical boxes with no disc/cartridge. Or, seemingly worse, physical boxes for download codes for cosmetic content for Fortnite. In what world does that make sense, physical boxes for download codes for a game that is online/download only and free to play?”


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“This latest trend of ‘Deluxe Edition’ which has a bad audio track included, but it’s just a money grab for ‘Early Access’ to play the game five days early, and they schedule the regular release on a Tuesday, meaning if you want to play it on getaway over the weekend, you need to pay an extra $30 and I think it’s bad.

You won’t sit on a game six months later and reminisce about how you got to start playing it five days early.”


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“Special Editions. $10-20 more for a cosmetic you’ll never see or a weapon you’ll use for two levels before it’s obsolete.”


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“Spending on things like Payday 3 that’s online only and unplayable for those three days anyway.”


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“My Fallout 76 Power Armour Helmet is sitting at the back of a shelf in my spare room, so I never even see it. I eventually got the canvas bag, though, which was nice.”


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“The warranty. It is useful if you have kids, animals, or psycho ex-lovers that will take a pair of pliers to your cartridge and snap it in half in a fit of rage because you liked someone else’s Instagram post.”


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“Most of the money you spend in single-player games after you buy them except for big DLC (Downloadable Content). It’s like microtransactions in some recent Assassin’s Creed games or cosmetic DLC for single-player games. Like Horse armor, it should be notorious by now. Maybe Sims DLC, half of them aren’t worth it.”


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“Paid skins in games. I would much rather they be locked behind challenges like the good old days. Having certain skins was a show of skill.”


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“Pre-ordering games is probably the biggest waste of money in gaming, but people keep doing it.”


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“Switch Joy-Cons. Yes, they are necessary, but the MadCatz quality is still bad. How does Nintendo make one of the best controllers (pro) and the worst?”


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“Expensive gaming keyboards that provide no advantage whatsoever.”


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“Live service games with an upfront $70 cost. No way I’m paying for a game and then having to pay for each season.”


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“Buying games at full price. No game is worth the prices they charge for games these days. Put on your wishlist and wait for it to be reduced to a reasonable price.”


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“Additional console cooling fans that just make overheating worse.”


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“Strategy guides. The internet had that covered over a decade ago. Yet I saw one listed as part of a limited game edition this year.”

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