Have you ever been rejected by a man, even though you thought he liked you? It can be confusing and hurtful, but there are a few reasons why this might happen.

A user asked, what can you learn about a girl that would make you instantly reject them no matter how much you liked them? Why? 

Here are the top things:

1. Strange Habits

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“Once went out with a girl who seemed great! She was polite, pretty, had reasonable life goals, and whatnot.

It all looked good until she told me that when she has a hard day, she likes to go out in her car and try and run over rabbits late at night…..

I lost her number right after that!”


2. Compulsive Lying 

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“Compulsive lying or a drinking/drug problem. To be fair to all the functional recreational drug users out there, compulsive lying is far, far worse of a character trait IMO.”

“I was at a party with a girl I had been on a couple of dates with, and I saw her do a line of coke off the table. I made sure she got home and then noped out of there.”


3. Hitting Men

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“If she abused her last boyfriend or thinks hitting men is okay.”

“Hitting men is never okay or anything to laugh about or gain brownie points with your clique admitting you hit your male partners.”


4. Playing Games

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“If you are dating someone who likes to play games and mess with you psychologically (in a bad way) then at that point, you might as well break it off.”

“Trust me, I’d say it’s better to find someone who isn’t annoyingly childish than settle with someone who acts this way.”

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5. Cult 

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“If she is part of a cult. Don’t want to be converted.”


6. Acts Like A Child

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“Acts like a child: temper tantrums, only focused on themselves, their way or the highway, etc.”


7. Super Religious

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“Super religious, to the point that she claims a man must adopt her religion and conform to its beliefs in order to be with her.”

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8. Victim Mentality

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“Any victim mentality. Anyone who goes through life blaming others for their inability to be happy will NEVER be happy.
Many people try to hide their victimhood complex as being strongly proud of something, and that’s usually a big red flag. “I’m not a victim, I’m a strong insert gender identity, but opposite gender identity keeps people like me down.”
“I’m not racist, but my ethnicity is my ENTIRE personality.” “I’m a good person who votes for all the right people, but the people on the other side of the aisle are evil.” No thanks. Goodbye.”

9. Plastic Surgery

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“plastic surgery is a red flag for me. It’s a slippery slope once you get started, and I do not want any of my money going to someone bleeding for their self-worth issues.”


10. Jealously 

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“Any hint of jealousy, possessiveness, or controlling behavior. Why: It suggests insecurity, and if that isn’t resolved, it is highly destructive to a relationship. And don’t think you can fix their insecurities; only they can do that.”

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11. Doesn’t Respect You 

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“Someone that doesn’t respect you, if they degrade you walk away. Someone that is or has narcissist traits. Someone that doesn’t appreciate you at all.”

“If they speak to you poorly at the beginning, they will always treat you that way.”


12. Smoking or Vaping

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“Smoking or vaping. As nice as they may be, I really don’t want to be around that. Both are bad for you and smell awful. Vape clouds are massive nasty breath fogs. I’ve stopped a friendship because a friend would NOT stop blowing the vapor directly into my face, in my car, and in my house.”


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