Compliments can be a source of both appreciation and unease, depending on the situation and intent behind them. Have you ever experienced a compliment from a man that made you feel uncomfortable or unsure of his intentions?

A user asked, Ladies, what is a compliment men give that you don’t like? Here are the top ones:

1. You’re A Chocolate, Queen, etc.

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“When people call me milk chocolate, African princess, Nubian queen. Like calm down”

2. I Notice You Have THIS But

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“A guy desperate for attention: “Hey, I noticed you have [insert flaw] … but it looks good on you!”

The flaw is usually something pretty obvious that others are aware of but too polite to bring up: like a massive scar, messed up teeth, or a slightly lazy eye.

Thanks, I’m aware of that particular feature, and I try not to think about it or draw attention to it. Now my self-esteem is shot.”

3. X For a Y

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“Any compliment that follows the “you sure are x for a y.” Such as, “you sure are pretty for a woman your age.” Or “you sure are smart for a girl.”

4. Ethnic Comments

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“You’re hot for an Asian,” and “I’ve always wanted to get with an Asian.”

  1. I didn’t know Asians were universally ugly and that I was an exception
  2. thanks for reducing me to a checkmark on your bucket list.”

“You’re too pretty to be Latina” and all its variations. Dude, Latin America is full of beautiful women and also full of ugly women, just like any other part of the world. Insulting my ethnicity won’t get you anywhere…

5. Age-Related Comment

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“You look great for your age.”

“You look young.”

6. You Don’t Look Like

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“I think the best one recently is, “Oh, you don’t look like you’re Mexican.” “You’re so pretty for being Mexican.” Like what???? Am I supposed to have a sombrero and mustache, orrrrrr???”

7. You’re a Good Girl

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“I don’t know if it’s meant as a compliment, but when a man calls me a ‘good girl'”

8. You Look Good Without Glasses

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“Takes off glasses to clean them. “You look pretty without glasses.”

“I appreciate being called pretty, but I need my glasses to see.”

9. You Are Cute When Mad

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“You look adorable when you’re mad. Okay… I feel neither complimented nor less mad.”

10. You Are Wifey Material

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“You’d make great wifey material,” said a guy who has never even met you.

11. Anything Lewd

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“When a guy you just met makes lewd “compliments”, such as “I bet you taste great”

12. You Should Smile More

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“You should smile more. Just tell me my smile is pretty”

13. Fat Remarks

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“You don’t sweat much for a fat chick.”

14. You Are A Lesbian?

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You’re really pretty for a lesbian.”

“If you’re going to say I’m pretty, say I’m pretty. Don’t add the unnecessary qualifier that insults a ton of women (including most of my dating prospects). But I do find this compliment to be a very useful way to figure out who I don’t want to talk to at parties.”

15. You Get Me

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“This might not apply universally to all ladies, but:

“You get me. I’ve never met someone who understands me like you do.”

The first time I heard it I mistakenly accepted that as a compliment. It’s not. It’s a promise that the first time you disagree with them about anything, or express mild annoyance about wet towels on the bathroom floor, then you are in for a storm of difficulty.”

16. How Are You Still Single

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“How are you still single???” I understand the implication that I am very desirable, at least in their eyes. But they make it sound like it’s totally not up to me.”

17. You’re Small and Cute

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“You’re so small and cute. I want to pick you up and put you in my pocket.”

I may be a short Chinese woman, but I’m 30 ffs.”

18. You’re Different Than Other Women

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“You’re different than other women; I can tell because I can read people well.” – Something along these lines is said exclusively by “nice guys.”

19. You’re Exotic

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“Men who call me “exotic” and expect me like it. It turns me off so much. The immediate sexualization of my ethnicity drives me up the wall.”

20. You’re Smart For Someone This Pretty

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“Wow, you’re brilliant for someone so pretty!” 

21. You will make A Good Wife

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“Got this once while working a restaurant from a customer. “You’ll make an amazing wife someday.”

22. You Don’t Look Like A

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“You don’t LOOK like an engineer”. No Sherlock turns out “looks” aren’t required for an engineer. Hard work and solving problems is. Don’t dwindle me down to just my looks.”

23. You Look Better Without Makeup

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“You look better without makeup” It’s my face, and I’ll put whatever I want on it.”

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