Humans often make decisions with detrimental repercussions, despite being aware of the potential harm.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is something you know is bad for you, but you do it anyway?”, and here are the top responses. 


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“I’ll go a week eating about once a day, then the following week – on any given day – will inhale everything in sight. There’s no in-between.”, said one user.


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“Procrastinating everything even after knowing that time is running out.”, said one user.


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“I know it’s bad for me, in fact I know it’s destroying my body. Still don’t want to stop drinking because it’s a social lubricant and it’s the only occasion where I see my friends.”, said one user. 


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“Waiting for something good to happen instead of working to make something good happen.”, said one user.


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“Smoking weed every time I get home. I get so tired and fall asleep early and miss out on the evening, but next time I come home and smoke weed again.”, said one user. 


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“That’s how ragebait articles work. People think they’re “owning” the writer and putting them in their place by sharing it as many places as possible.

So many American politicians I never heard of reached ultra mega celebrity status in the last 2-3 years because every single thing they say gets reposted by the opposite party”, said one user. 


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“I wish I had a different life. Feels like it’s killing me inside, and yet accepting the life I have and giving up what it could be, just feels like death.”, said one user.


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“Holding things in until I explode in an unhealthy manner. I’m working on it.”, said one user.


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“Putting others’ needs before my own, allowing myself to feel undervalued.”, said one user.


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“People give me no reason to trust them yet I’m all dumbfounded and hurt when they act shady.”, said one user.

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