A woman who found it difficult to bear the sweat went to the gym in a bra and shorts. While she was working out, a girl approached her and asked her to put on a shirt.

A user asked the forum, Am I wrong for not putting my shirt back on?



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The original poster ( OP ) has been going to the gym consistently since February this year. OP has lost 18 lbs so far, and she still has 93 lbs before she reaches her goal. 

OP says she has already gained strength and confidence in her body.



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OP states that she is 5’7″ and 255 lbs. She also added that she knows that she is big, but she doesn’t think it should really affect how she dresses. 

OP says she gets sweaty at the gym and adds that the one thing worse than a sweaty bra is a shirt that sticks to you because of sweat.  OP’s gym also doesn’t have air conditioning at a low enough temperature for her to avoid getting like this. She also added that her gym doesn’t have a dress code.



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So, for most of her workouts, OP opted to just wear her bra, leggings, or shorts. That day she knew she would do chest and back workouts. So, she chose to wear her bra and shorts combo.

OP addresses that she is not showing cleavage, and her underwear is not peaking out above the shorts. 

OP says it was what many other girls she had seen at the gym wear. 



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OP was going through her workout, and by the time she got to the bench press, she noticed some people in the corner giving her the side eye.

OP ignored them and turned up her music, but OP could still see them just staring at her unhappily. 



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OP finished a set, and that’s when one of the girls in the group approached her and asked her to put on a shirt. That girl from the group states that it’s unsanitary. 



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OP said that she wiped down all the equipment before and after use. That girl said that it didn’t matter and also added that OP needed to be more polite to other gym members.

At this point, OP understood that she was more likely talking about not wanting to see her rolls.

OP agrees that no one will prefer to see a fat person. OP said that she was wearing almost the same thing as her friend in the corner, and OP asked why she wanted her to put on a shirt. 



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That girl got frustrated, asked OP to forget about it, and stormed off. Then, OP got back to the workout and finished her workout. 

OP left the gym and wondered if she could have handled it better or should have complied and put on her shirt. 



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OP says she has scars, stretch marks, and a fat body. 

OP says she knew her body wasn’t the most flattering, but OP doesn’t believe it gives you the right to demand a person to cover up.



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“I often hear, “Fat people need to get off the couch and go to the gym!” But when they do, they get scorned for how their body looks, how they’re working out, how they dress, how long or intensely they exercise — you name it, they hear comments about it. No wonder they stay on the couch.

Keep going and keep telling people to pound sand when they make the mistake of assuming they are entitled to comment on your appearance in any way.”



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“I’m fat, but I’m losing weight and going to a university gym 3 or 4 days a week right now. I will say the bad behavior of these girls is not the norm for the gym community. Even in my experience, people in their early 20s and late teens may be a little more immature.

The vast majority are focused on what they are doing and supportive of everyone’s journey if approached.

I don’t want these outlier stories to dissuade other people from being judged at the gym. The vast majority of people there are helpful, kind, and supportive.

OP is not wrong. But she should report those girls to the management at the gym. That type of behavior won’t be tolerated at any respectable gym.”



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Agree! And, OP, if you’re worried you could’ve handled this better, I’d say, according to this post, you were very polite, and you shouldn’t be too concerned.


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