Nobody likes feeling they’re being exploited for money. Today’s story’s protagonist also didn’t!

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for insisting that my partner takes on a job?”. Let us know what you think in the comments section!


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The Original Poster (OP) and her partner (both 26) have recently moved together.

“Before doing so, we both had full-time jobs working around 40 hours a week,” says OP. 


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Since they moved together, OP’s partner lost his job and doesn’t want to look for a new one.

“The thing is, I have a very well-paying job and earn a lot while he has a low-paying job. We share everything financially, so the money I earn is also the money he can use without restrictions,” says OP.


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Her (OP’s) partner says he doesn’t see a point in working 30-40 hours a week to earn around 5% of what OP makes, so he says he wants to take care of the household instead. 


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OP can understand her partner’s point of view, but she insists he should still go and work. 

“We don’t have any children, and we have someone employed who helps us with most of the household, so there’s no real reason for him just to stay home all day,” says OP. 


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She (OP) doesn’t have a problem with the fact that OP mainly funds their lifestyle, but she feels exploited when she’s the one working 40-60 hours a week at a stressful job while he has all the free time he wants to enjoy and spends the money that OP works for.


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“It’s not about the financial aspect; we wouldn’t need him to work, but I don’t see a reason why a perfectly healthy 26-year-old should just sit around at home all day and let me do all the labor,” says OP. 


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OP’s partner says OP wants to let him suffer needlessly. He sees no reason to work so hard for a wage that they spend on a weekend. 

“I always knew that he earns much less, and I should have known that I will have to carry the financial burden of our lifestyle,” says OP. 


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“Am I a jerk for wanting him to take on a job although we don’t need it? Just because I don’t like to feel as if I’m getting exploited?” asks OP. 


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“You have a freeloader. The fact he can work but won’t is a red flag. He has no interest in doing anything but bleeding you dry.

If he wants to stay home, why isn’t he studying or doing something to get a better job? He has no aspirations or desires to become a better person!”


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“Not the jerk. You have a boyfriend who does not care for you, his family does not care for you, and on top of that, he smokes, and you do not. You are also paying for his cigarettes, the thing you despise.

Maybe it’s time to grow a spine and kick out this freeloader and get a new boyfriend that does value you as a person.” 


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“Not the jerk. It’s a bit suspicious that your boyfriend lost his job when you guys moved in together, and he doesn’t want to work because you will give him money. It might be time to tell him it’s a job or find somewhere else to live. Was this his plan all along?” 


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“Not the jerk. Communicate openly about how you feel. Or ask your boyfriend if he’s okay with doing all of the housework from now on instead. He has a choice there. If he disagrees with both and wants to continue exploiting you, get out while you can.” 

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