3 a.m. is a time to sleep deep. A usual sound can also sound terrifying as we are not too conscious. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s normal at 3 p.m., but terrifying at 3 a.m.?” Here are the top responses. 


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“A person digging a hole in their backyard.”


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“For me, the phone rings. It can only be bad news if your phone rings at 3 a.m.”


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“Someone knocking on the front door.”


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“The pile of clothes on your chair. I love hearing everyone’s clothes chair stories, so I’ll share my own. I have a very tall chair and a small window in my flat. 

One day I decided to place a basket of clean clothes on the chair for the night because I was lazy, I woke up in the middle of the night to what looked like two shiny eyes poking up from the bottom of my window, but it was just the moonlight reflecting off the buttons on my coat.”


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“Looking in the mirror. As a grown man, I always try to avoid looking into the mirrors while going to the toilet at night in the dark (to retain night vision and get back to sleep faster).

As a kid, I’ve seen too many messed up movies too early.”


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“A child’s laughter. That happened to my sister once while browsing the net late at night. She was in a dark room illuminated only by her phone when she heard giggles and saw the reflection of a child sitting behind her on a mirror across the room. 

It turns out it was just her two-year-old son who woke up early slapping his sleeping daddy’s face.”


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“Piano playing in the living room in a storm. My husband and I were both upstairs. It turns out that the electricity had returned and somehow triggered the digital piano to start playing.

It played a classical piece, but I don’t remember which one.”


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“The random sounds your house makes. In the middle of the day, any type of click, creak, or whatever, my brain can rationalize where the sound is coming from. 

In the middle of the night, my first thoughts when I hear those same sounds are, “What was that? Who is in my house?”


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“Church bells. It happened here a few weeks ago. That was ominous.”


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“Hearing people whispering, but you live alone.”


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“Dogs barking. A dog barking and suddenly stopping would make that more terrifying. My dog barks a lot at night, so that’s why I’m a little desensitized to it.”


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“Nothing good happens after 2 a.m. But on a more serious note, a lightning storm is way more scary at 3 a.m. than 3 p.m.”


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“Car backfires or fireworks in America.” 


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“A horror film waking you up from another room.”


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“Procrastination on something important happening first thing in the morning the next day.”


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“Severe weather alerts coming in on your phone. During the day, you can see what’s happening outside if you have to evacuate, but not in the middle of the night.”

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